Lamborghini has a new logo. You will look for changes with a magnifying glass


The famous Italian super sports manufacturer presents a new, more minimalistic logo. It is meant to symbolize a modern approach to car production.

Last year, the Italian car company Lamborghini celebrated 60 years since its founding in 1963, and today it officially presents a new logo. More than twenty years have passed since the last modernization of the famous emblem with a raging bull, and although the latest evolution of the emblem brings only modest news, the new styling responds to the new corporate identity of the entire company.

Lamborghini is currently undergoing a major transformation process, officially named “Direzione Cor Tauri”, which is a modern strategy aimed at sustainability and decarbonization. To be an inspiration and a role model for innovation and sustainable progress for future generations, Lamborghini is introducing changes not only regarding cars but also corporate identity. And the new, more minimalistic logo presents it visually.

The new logo is already appearing on all the company’s official channels, and since you’d need a magnifying glass to find all the news, we’ll explain it to you. The basis of the new logo goes back to its historical predecessors and the main shades are black and white, symbolizing a clear brand identity, while gold is the accent color. The new version of the emblem will also appear on future models.

The iconic bull in the center of the logo has also undergone a major innovation, which for the first time will also exist without the classic shield to make it even bigger. Symbolically, it can have such an effect that the car company decided to release it from its own paddock. However, this is only our opinion, not confirmed information from the press release.

The improvement also appears on the official Automobili Lamborghini font, whose shapes are meant to reflect the sharp angularity typical of the design of the most modern models. The automaker only adds to this the fact that it wants to embody the brand’s innovation and determination with the new logo.

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