Porsche will keep the V8 into the next decade


Reducing the volume of internal combustion engines in the pursuit of low standardized consumption is ubiquitous, but Porsche is one of the automakers that resists it. The four-liter eight-cylinder, which powers the top versions of the Cayenne and Panamera, according to a recent statement by the head of the Panamera model line, Thomas Freimuth, will remain in the world even in the fourth decade of the 21st century.

“Just” will have to be quieter. “Even with the Panamera, we have to deal with additional regulations on the noise level from the exhaust. They are getting stricter and that also makes it difficult to create the right emotions with the eight-cylinder Panamera,” Carsales.com.au quoted Freimuth as saying.

However, he confirmed that work is already underway to modify the engine for the upcoming Euro 7 emission standard. “We have to add some parts that are under development, but we will be ready for the transition to Euro 7,” Freimuth said. “It will also be possible without the hybrid system because the regulation has changed a bit,” he added.

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The electric future

However, emotions need to be added to electric cars as well. “We have to learn how to induce these emotions in electric cars, because the distant future is electric, so we have to find a solution for that,” he outlined. The next generation of the Cayenne, due in 2026, will be purely electric, just like the Taycan.

“There are big steps we have to take. I think that since the V8 is ubiquitous around the world, we should look there for inspiration,” added Freimuth. He believes that the car company will be able to find a bridge between the classic eight-cylinder and modern electric cars.

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