How to iron your hair correctly? Do not overdo it with the temperature


What leads the world of hair styling? It is worn big glamor waves, but also straight hair that dazzles with its shine and quality. If curl your hair with a curling iron, you can easily hide frayed ends. But ironed hair will reveal them whether you like it or not. So if you are going for straight styling, take care of your hair a little longer and bet on deep moisturizing care!

Hydration is key

You have to take care of it all the more if you are the owner curly hair, for which straightening is a slightly more demanding discipline: “Wavy hair is naturally drier than straight hair, and therefore it is necessary to use a sufficiently caring shampoo and conditioner, or a mask, so that the hair is maximally hydrated,” recommends Martin Tyl, hairdresser from the Prague salon New You and Dyson brand ambassador. “Styling products will significantly affect the result – I would definitely recommend thermal protection and a smoothing hardener. Not only will your hair be protected and smoother, but the result will also last longer,” adds the hairdresser.

The secret of glasshair (i.e. hair shiny like a mirror) lies precisely in the field of hair cosmetics, which focuses on care and not volume. “Hydration weighs down the hair and thus makes it smooth. The hair then appears shiny because it reflects light better,” explains hairdresser Jakub Čejchan from Prague’s Red Salon. You need more reasons to invest in that one the right cosmetics?

  • TIP: It helps if you comb your hair after applying the conditioner and then rinse it. This will make them beautifully smooth and easier to work with.

How to straighten hair: Quickly and without damage

Care is one thing, the right tool is another. Choose one that will help you achieve the desired results and at the same time will not weigh down your hair as much. Nowadays it is already possible and electronics are becoming more and more “smart”. Newer models of irons always have the option to correct the temperature, and the plates have a sensor that monitors the level of natural moisture in the hair and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Or you can straighten your hair more gently with steam or strong air flow.

Classic hair straighteners must not be used wet – unless otherwise stated. In general: the higher the temperature, the better the straightening effect. But try to iron at the lowest possible temperature. “If you iron your hair every day at 200 degrees, it’s really killing it,” says hairdresser Jakub Čejchan. “A temperature of 160-170 degrees is enough for fine hair, 180 degrees for frizzier hair. Such a temperature is also sufficient for curly hair, you just need to iron at a slower pace.” But don’t aim at one place for a long time.

It works even with wet hair

You can straighten your hair even when it is wet, which is more effective because the hair is more malleable when wet. For straightening, use a curling iron, an ironing brush, a hair dryer and a brush in your hand or an iron that is specially designed for this.

Divide your hair into sections and start drying them gradually. It’s not worth grabbing – it’s better to take smaller and thinner strands and take a comb to hand. “When working with the Dyson Airstrait, which irons the hair with a strong air stream, the result will be even better if you comb the individual strands while straightening. Finally, support the effect of straightening and shine with a light hair oil or cream that can smooth the hair,” advises Martin Tyl. Finally, use the mentioned styling products on your hair anyway – regardless of which device you use!

How to iron your hair correctly:

  • Hair must always be dry before styling unless otherwise specified
  • Take care of moisturizing hair care, use quality shampoo and conditioner and a mask once a week
  • Never skip thermal protection. Prevents drying and subsequent breakage of hair
  • When straightening, always proceed with smaller and thinner strands, always comb them first
  • Finally, you can smooth the ends with oil or hair cream

What hairstyles to create with straight hair? Get inspired by hairdresser Martin Tylo:


Hairstyles with straight hairVideo: Martin Tyl/New You

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