The center of robotics, which stands at the beginning of the Pilsen innovation ecosystem, has opened to the public: Pilsen


The first public event this year at the Robotics Center was π Day. 84 children and even several parents enjoyed the ten prepared workshops, which combined entertainment and education. Experienced lecturers introduced them to the mathematical constant π or Ludolf’s number 3.14. It has fascinating properties that are key to many areas of science and technology including robotics. For the third time, the city facility has joined the worldwide celebration of Ludolf’s number, which falls annually on March 14. Another public day called CodeWeek will take place at the Robotics Center in the fall.

Photo source: Robotics Center

“Getting children excited about technical fields is our first goal of the Pilsen innovation ecosystem PINE. That is why the Robotics Center stands at its beginning. Experienced lecturers are able to educate pupils in a fun and playful way and interest even the smallest ones. For that reason too, workshops, clubs or suburban camps at the Robotics Center are still very popular,” said the Pilsen city councilor for the area of ​​Smart Cities and business support Daniel Kos.

How the π Day event wentthe director of the Robotics Center revealed Martina Jedličková: “Each workshop was connected to the number π or to Ludolf as a personality, and they all touched on the natural sciences. Somewhere the children animated Ludolf, elsewhere they went on an adventure to the land of Pi. They always worked with modern technologies – they programmed, for example, Lego buildings or the micro:konev automatic watering system, worked with Ozobot robots, created in Photoshop or learned to animate.”


In addition to the fact that the Pilsen innovation ecosystem PINE aims to interest elementary school students in technology and natural sciences, it has a number of other missions. For example, high school students are taught to work together across disciplines, take up life’s challenges and get a peek into the world of business. He can turn them into startups and innovators. Anyone who really wants to start a business will get background, community inspiration and expert mentoring in Pilsen. The PINE ecosystem can provide financing for innovations in companies and help them expand abroad. The main carriers of knowledge and tools, namely the Robotics Center, SIT Drones, SIT Port and BIC Plzeň, participate in these activities in individual phases.

More information about of the Pilsen innovation ecosystem PINE brought by the Pilsen innovative website.

Photos from the workshops and a more detailed description of the event is available on the Robotics Center website.

Text editing: Eva Barborková

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