Volkswagen’s April Fool’s joke caused enthusiasm, people want it to be implemented


April Fools’ Day pranks are also popular among car companies. They regularly prepare various jokes, which are sometimes obviously exaggerated, but sometimes they cause great enthusiasm and calls for their implementation. And that’s exactly what the British representative of the Volkswagen car company succeeded in doing.

It was first boasted on social media with a post that combined four colored squares, the shade of which probably quickly reminded fans of the brand of the special limited edition Volkswagen Polo Harlequin model from the nineties.

It was originally supposed to be created in just a few pieces intended for promotional purposes. However, the model, inspired by an advertisement for the classic VW Beetle, caused such enthusiasm that the automaker agreed to produce it in limited quantities for the market.

Volkswagen is reminiscent of the famous brightly colored Polo


During the first of April, Volkswagen showed off the electric car ID.3 Harlequin Edition, the body of which was to be made of panels painted in contrasting electroluminescent colors, which can even pulse to the rhythm of the music played from the on-board music system.

However, the carmaker did not want to drag customers by the nose for too long, and therefore admitted in the following paragraph that it is a completely fictitious edition that was created only as an April Fool’s joke. But the comments on social networks speak clearly: people fell in love with the vision of a brightly colored electric car and are calling for its implementation.

Given that even the original Volkswagen Polo in the Harlequin edition was created only at the instigation of customers, it cannot be ruled out that the automaker will be tempted to implement it again. So, probably without electroluminescence function. Customers would obviously be satisfied with the colorful paint alone, which would enliven the ID.3 model and add interest to it.

After all, Harlekin edition cars have also become an interesting collector’s item over the years. In addition to the VW Polo model, of which around 4,000 units were produced, Volkswagen also produced a special edition of the Golf Harlequin model, of which there are only hundreds of units. With a little imagination, the automaker could easily follow up with the ID.3 model.

The electric Volkswagen Golf will probably replace the ID.3 model, the GTI will remain in the offer



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