His mouth was watering for almost six minutes, he broke the world record

His mouth was watering for almost six minutes, he broke the world record
His mouth was watering for almost six minutes, he broke the world record

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Ma Huai drank about four liters of water before attempting to achieve the world record. For the record to be recognized, water had to spray continuously from his mouth.

The previous record holder was Ethiopian Kirubel Yilma, who clocked 5 minutes and 36 seconds in 2016. However, Ma Huai’s technique was much better polished, which was also reflected in the resulting time.

The Guinness Book of Records states that this is a technique that has been practiced since the 17th century. It involves the consumption of a large amount of liquid and its subsequent regurgitation (backward movement of the liquid contents of the hollow organs) using muscle control.

The term regurgitation refers, for example, to the return of swallowed food back into the mouth without vomiting, or backflow of blood in case of valve defects.

He swallowed a live frog and brought it back

For example, the American David Blaine, who in the past held the world record for the longest time holding his breath underwater (17 minutes and 4 seconds), controls regurgitation. He demonstrated the technique during an interview with Joe Rogan, when he swallowed a live frog and then after a few minutes got it out together with a stream of water.

In an interview with the New York Times, Blaine revealed that he spent more than 20 years looking for a way to master the technique. He was helped in this by a Liberian man, whom he saw spitting water from his mouth in one of the videos on YouTube.

It is said that it took an American five years to track down a man named Winston Carter. “He learned it to survive. He came from places where there was great poverty. When he went to the well for water, he could only bring back a certain amount. But with a full canister and stomach at the same time, he could bring her more. I immediately flew over there and convinced Winston to show me how to do it,” Blaine said.

The Czech runner is a world record holder. He beat Wim Hof


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