Suzuki is heading where others have left off. The Swift is a modern car from the old school


Suzuki Swift has decided what to follow, ever since 2004, over 9 million units have been sold in 169 countries. Teba in France is the best-selling model of the brand, in Czech it was the third and fourth place with the Ignis. Since the first Swift, it is currently in its tenth generation, the automaker officially stated that it is the fourth generation as a global model. But these sweats are probably not important. It was always small, nimble, and for many its design endeared the car, which was exceptionally roomy for its external dimensions. It could thus be considered that they were looking for such a popular Mini, visually attractive, but at a fraction of the price of the British competitor.

It worked, so what do you think about it?

Therefore, the manufacturer did not engage in modern design experiments in the new generation, and the car thus remained simple rounded features and a nice front mask. Personally, I liked the design of the previous generation a little more, the specific front hood fits my car as far as possible, but that is a matter of course. Despite the fact that the novelty stands on the same platform as the predecessor, the dimensions remained practically the same, with a length of 3.8 m, and a wheelbase of 2450 mm.

Design is therefore about evolution, not revolution. Similar, although not completely the same, is the shape of the front mask and the front lights, which received LED daytime running lights in the shape of the letter L. Above the lights, there is an embossed profile that stretches along the entire length of the car. The wheel arches give the car a robust look. The contrastingly painted columns together with the large windows give the impression that the roof is floating in the air. At the back we find a new light with three-dimensional graphics. The visual attractiveness of the manufacturer is increased by the choice of body colors, in addition to those basic traditions, he mainly prefers vibrant red, blue, orange or pink.

Suzuki Swift

Passenger preferences before cargo

The Japanese are not used to carrying a lot of things with them, so the passenger prefers the interior space rather than a place for luggage. Even adults can sit relatively comfortably in the back, but they can take only 265 liters of luggage with them, which is below average compared to competitors like the Koda Fabia, which are expensive. A flat surface is not created when the rear seatbacks are folded down.

At first glance, the interior seems a bit cheap, both with the material on the seats and the design of the instrument panel, but on the other hand, everything is made to be durable and will hold up even after several years of use. And the combination of ernch and light edch plastic is also a total failure. The only mystery to me is why the Japanese still keep archaic rods on the right side of the instrument cluster. A button on the steering wheel will also perform the same service.

There is a central touch screen, which is 9 inches, with a quick response. Both Apple and Android can connect the system via cable or wireless. there are also basic buttons for some options, the air conditioner has its own control panel, which contributes to trouble-free control.

Suzuki Swift

The wolves definitely don’t mind

You probably won’t go on long family trips with the Swift, it’s a typical city car. Thanks to the large windows, the car can be seen in all directions, it is very easy to maneuver in the city and it is great for parking. Suzuki solved the problem of how to use a drive unit during the day with a new mild-hybrid gasoline engine with a power of 61 kW, which replaces the previous engine with the same power.

And first of all, this unit is the newest of Swift and it really worked. Although the Hybrid plaque on the wall promises more, the customer probably wouldn’t expect it, it’s really just a mild-hybrid with only a little support from the electronics, especially during starts, which are very smooth thanks to that. But it doesn’t matter. In addition to the train guards, there are many more technical changes against the engine. The weight was reduced, the combustion engine stuck and, on the contrary, the torque at low speeds increased.

The aggregate fascinates with a combined fuel consumption of 4.4 to 4.9 l/100 km, depending on whether the car is equipped with all-wheel drive and a 5-speed manual transmission, or the newly developed CVT automatic transmission. And it’s not an unfair value at all, as we thought during the first rides. I averaged 4.6 l/100 km over 120 test kilometers in towns, villages and country roads around Bordeaux, France. If it is not likely to play a significant role in global sales, Swift has retained the world’s unique AllGrip all-wheel drive, where, if necessary, a viscous clutch connects to both the front and rear wheels.

The engine change has contributed to the fact that the new Swift is less than two kilos lighter, and with the exception of the stick with a manual, all other versions fit under one ton. This is a good prerequisite for solid driving characteristics. Work has also been done on the chassis, the front stabilizers have been changed, and the rear has a Vt range suspension that better covers the terrain. The overall suspension is hard, so don’t expect a flying carpet ride in the city, but the Swift definitely won’t blow you away.

Suzuki Swift

On the other hand, there is great certainty in arrests outside the city, when the direction is willing without loss of diligence. But it’s all about safety, not sportiness, you can accelerate to 100 km/h in 12.5 seconds and it’s very light. The Swift is thus an ideal car for the city or (which seems to be the fault of Suzuki) for old-timers, offering excellent driving characteristics, easy handling and excellent fuel consumption.

Definitely the price

We also have a long list of electronic assistants. The new feature is the emergency braking system, where the radar and camera monitor cars, cyclists and pedestrians in front of the car and should be able to stop or at least reduce the speed and speed of the vehicle. Annoying is the brand new mandatory assistant warning of exceeding the permitted speed limit. We don’t blame Suzuki for its installation, but it could be turned off more elegantly, not really in the menu.

The Suzuki Swift is determined to rise where many have vacated positions, namely in the category of small, competitive and durable cars. In the end, the price will decide. That request has not yet been announced. The first cars should arrive in the middle of May and June, when the Czech price will also be announced. But for you in France or Germany, the Suzuki Swift starts with a price tag of 18,990 euros, which is roughly 480,000 crowns. I hope it will be a noticeable amount in Esk, because the new generation is currently on sale from 369,900 K.

Suzuki Swift

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