The trotters wore a symbol of love and humanity, for the Israelis a symbol of massacre and violence


Although Tamara Klusov is a licensed celebrity, she still feels that she has to share her thoughts with the world not only through Instagram, where she has extended her public reach through collaborations with companies, but also at the Angel Awards 2024, where together with her husband Tom Klus developed a banner in support of raising awareness of the suffering in Gaza, but in reality it seems that she is going to support Palestine, when she goes to the events of the criticized Prague 4 Palestine Youth movement, which the Ministry of the Interior will also take an interest in because of their problematic slogan.

Like Manel, she didn’t forget to wear the lately very popular badge of a pictogram of a hand on a red background with a heart in the middle, which is used by a kind of artistic-activist movement Artists4Ceasefire, which was created just one day after the destruction of the Israeli festival Supernova by terrorists from Hamsu, to which Klus and Klusov never came out on their Instagrams, and Tom Klus even sneered at Israeli objets d’art in the comments and thumbed his nose at objets. that 1,200 Israelis were killed by Hams and another 250 were dragged to Gaza, it never fueled these two.

The troopers wore their badge for peace of arms, but for the Israelis it is a reminder of the violence.

They began to be actively suspected in the period when the priest Tom Halk, whom Klus met during further activism and help, began to speak critically of Israel’s retaliation, when they were looking for orphans who could flee from Egypt to Estonia and should have prevented it at that time Minister of the Interior Jan Hamek. That’s why everyone promised themselves from the new government that the new Minister of the Interior Vt Rakuan would be far more responsible in this matter, but here we have those years of Rakuan and the orphans are nowhere, even though the tax cost only one stamp from that bad Hamek.

In the last few days, Klus and his wife have launched a campaign campaign and are calling for debates. However, it doesn’t really matter, Tom Klus and his wife Tamara insist that they want to die (or do they want to?) and prevent the genocide in the Gaza Strip, that’s why they unfurled a banner in Andle, and Klusov boasted a red hand badge.

Israeli government spokesman Ofir Gendelman warns that the Artists4Ceasefire association, whose badge was worn by Klus at the Angels and, for example, Billie Eilish and Mark Ruffalo at the Oscars, should not fool the people.

Kadmu Israelis prepared for the lynching of two Israeli soldiers by a mob of Palestinians in 2000. The killers soaked their hands in the blood of their victims, showed them to the crowd and celebrated their murder. do not support this wrote Gendelman on the official site.

But Artists4Ceasefire insists that their symbol has nothing to do with this day, and the hand that resembles the bloody hand that appeared in the window after the killing of Israeli soldiers in Ramallah is inappropriate.

Palestinian youth Aziz Salha shows the blood on his hands after killing two Israeli soldiers at the Palestinian police station in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank.

This hand calls forth a community of people from all walks of life united in support of humanity. The heart, it is in the middle of the hand, I call it, so that we are always guided by heart and love, uvd Artists4Ceasefire on their website. So if it was really the case that the red hand (for it is orange, say Artists4Ceasefire) only means humanity, then it would not be a problem to change the symbol, because if we are not mistaken, then humanity is not given a fixed pictogram and only a heart could remain or an additional symbol could be added think differently.

If this one is really only fighting for the death of peace, as hard as Artists4Ceasefire and with them Klus s Klusová, the symbol should not spread to either side and should be neutral. And when the Israeli government says that the symbol of this movement refers to the massacre of Israelis in Ramallah, it would be good to think about it and stop wearing it.

Because then you are not a do-gooder who wants to stop violence, but a normal provocateur and anti-Semite. So at least drink it.

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