Quiz: He already remembers the legendary film Men in the Offside

Quiz: He already remembers the legendary film Men in the Offside
Quiz: He already remembers the legendary film Men in the Offside

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The film from the first half of the last century, Men in the Offside, was based on one of Karel Poláček’s books. Take our quiz to find out how much you remember about this comedy story.

Karel Poláček wrote several successful books

Men in the Offside is one of the works of the successful Czech writer, journalist and humorist Karel Poláček. In addition to this book, he also wrote countless short stories and novels. Some of them were also filmed. The film adaptations include There was five of us, Inn “At the Stone Table”Regards, Mr. Kohn or The Main Makeover.

The film Men in Offside humorously describes football fans and their reactions to matches, especially between Viktoria Žižkov and Slavia. Football enthusiasm alternates between tragedies and enthusiastic enthusiasm. The main characters in this film were played by the actors Hugo Hass, Eman Fiala and Jindřich Plachta.

Hugo Hass emigrated to America because of the war, where he continued acting

Hugo Hass was one of the most popular actors of the time. He was born in Brno in 1901 and died relatively young in Vienna in 1968. He was not only an actor, but also a film and theater director. Because he was of Jewish descent, he probably saved his life by emigrating to the United States of America during the Second World War. He never returned to the territory of Czechoslovakia after that. He stayed in Vienna, where he also lived out his life. Among his most famous theater roles were those in the performances of Heroes of Our Time, The Wild Duck or The Merchant of Venice. As an actor, he acted in films not only in Czechoslovakia, but also in America. He had dozens of roles to his credit.

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