Lela is furious about Karlos’ film, a quarter of a year after the premiere: They made me huge, she can’t film!


In mid-January, the long-awaited film Karlos, which charts the life and career of the famous MMA fighter Karlos Vmola, had its grand premiere at Slovanské dom in Prague.

Director Michal Samir is behind the film, which is signed after Minister Iveta. Filma started working with Vmola many years ago, when Karlos was living and working in London and the Irish public had no idea that Vmola existed.

In addition to Karlos, the main star at the premiere was his wife Lela, who was understandably very happy with her husband and looked really fantastic that evening in a black dress.

About two weeks after the premiere, Lela told the editor of Expres at the Clash of the Stars gala, how she had read the film and how happy the film was with the fans.

The premieres went well, we enjoyed it. The feedback is very nice, we both feel good about it, Lela smiled.

However, the sex bombshell then stated that during the interview she was either pregnant or just after giving birth, which was understandably complicated. It’s not an easy task, but we managed it and the film is in the world, said Vmolova’s wife, it was obvious from his reaction that he had not slept at all.

I don’t look like this! It’s about who can draw and who can’t!

Now the model and influencer said what exactly it was about. Four years after the premiere of the documentary, Lela publicly attacked the filmmakers and cameramen, because of their skills, she looked huge on camera.

In my husband’s film, I looked huge in front of the camera and many of you criticized me for that. As you can see, there was a great cameraman at TV JOJ, so I really don’t look huge. thanks guys wrote Lela Vmola in stories on Instagram, who then indicated that people can be responsible for the optical illusion of the Karlos film.

Opt is just about who can draw and who can’t. I don’t care if the offended people are responsible for that movie. I could have been so offended because I looked miserable there and in reality I don’t look like that at all. you’re welcome asked Lela.

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