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Easter is a traditional Christian holiday and many people observe a number of customs and traditions. Czech celebrities started celebrating on Maundy Thursday. Baking sardines, decorating… and some fled abroad. Monday was not complete without the traditional “shupačka” with a pom pom. Which ladies got a few kicks in the ass?

Singer Lucie Bílá she followed the tradition. For a leap year, on Easter Monday, the roles are reversed and the ladies beat the gentlemen.

A little different this year,” commented Lucka on her actions, who attacked her friend Radek with a several-meter long stick in her hand.

Fortunately, the boys in Otvovice did not hold back and attacked the famous resident.

Veronika Žilkova prepared well for the carolers and prepared not only dyed eggs, but also sweets, cakes, sandwiches and alcohol.

Among the first were son Vincent Navrátil and son-in-law Mirek Dopita.

Happy Easter“, they wished Kolečka. Husband and son Jiřík got ready for Aneta, they lightly tickled Aneta’s ass with a knitted pom pom.

After that, Petr and his son went on a carol tour of the village where they have a house.

Singer Elizabeth Kopecka she screamed as she was being stabbed in the ass. In the process, she received a couple of whippings…

Ivana Gottová through the agency of her husband Karel Gott (†80).

“Dear Karl’s supporters,

I wish you all a peaceful Easter holidays, a smile on your face, sun, well-being and good friends around you. And I am sending a memory of the spring of 2007.

Your Ivana.”

She added a photo of the Master with his youngest daughter Nelly on the balcony of the Na Bertramka house.

Oscar-winning director Jiří Menzel (†82) also added a hand to the work at Easter. “Happy Easter to you all,” wrote widow Olga and added a photo in which Jiří decorates eggs.

Yesterday there was a little drama as to whether the lamb from the hundred-year-old earthenware mold, baked in the wood-burning stove, would come out. And it worked, Veronika is simply amazing. Not to mention that divine Easter header,” boasted Lukáš Hejlík. His wife Veronika is a really good cook.

Model Nikol Švantnerová opted for minimalism, as she likes. “Happy Easter. Yesterday I had a moment and I threw myself into the eggs, I tried dyeing them with hibiscus tea to make them gray and putting gold foil on it.” surprised the beauty.

Actress Kateřina Brožová knows how to spin in the kitchen. “My dears, I wish you a beautiful and sunny Easter holiday! Let’s celebrate the arrival of spring with our loved ones and let’s not forget the original meaning of Easter…” wishes the actress and showed off her hand-baked lamb.

“Happy Easter! We often spent those holidays on the road. They cycled through the Champagne region, tasted Pilsen in Singapore, walked around Sochi. Now we are in one place. In Solenice. At four. We get up with the first rays of the sun, we do the same things over and over, Gabi and I compete with each other to see who is more tired. We are talking to Milan, Maruška and Mrs. Sládková. Martin severa came to class today. My old self would not understand how mundane Easter can be. I’m glad it’s the old me. In the past. Today we went to the Marvans’ farm. To Zbenice. It is 20 kilometers, but for us it was a Trip. We saw a baby Alpaca, a kangaroo, a porcupine, a raccoon, rabbits, an ostrich. At sunset with the sand of the Sahara, we were going back. Albert laconically said “I’m very happy” in the Větrov serpentines. The first time he described his feeling so beautifully. And that said it all. At the age of three, he defined the whole. His little sister laughed at him, his mom passed those who had set out for the Podkova viewpoint, and I understood how often with those big steps we cross the small goals that are the most beautiful. And yet it is so easy to miss them. Family is so precious. And fragile. And happiness is closer than we think. It’s simpler. It doesn’t blink. It is not veiled in grand gestures. He is genuine. We have him. I can’t stop thanking you. I would wish him on everyone. Enjoy the holiday peace. Like us now. Or we earlier,” wrote Libor Bouček.

Did the Sahara sand get you out today too? Happy Easter,” wished Iva Kubelková, who went on a trip with her partner, daughters and Adam Mišík.

Moderator Lucie Borhyová he loves Easter, as well as other holidays. “Enjoy a beautiful and peaceful Easter,” wished the blonde, who took a photo in the company of a hare and a bunch of eggs.

She has a bunny at home alone, because her current boyfriend, Michal, is 10 years younger than her.

When she was Hana Zagorová (†75) alive, so she and her husband observed all holidays. They loved Christmas or Easter together.

“My friends, I wish you a beautiful Easter in memory of when we still smelled of wonderful stuffing and spread from Hanka. Happy holidays to all. Yours Stefan,” wished the opera singer and added a photo in which he and his beloved Hanka are having breakfast. The singer is in a bathrobe and with her typical smile.

Singing model Jitka Boho she started baking buttercream in bulk. She made the dough and divided it into buns. Some she put raisins in, some she didn’t.

MAZANEC »according to Bohovka«

“Like this, you will find a lot of recipes, certainly excellent ones, but yesterday I tried one, which I modified a little according to my image, and I must say that I really succeeded. A classic with an excellent taste, it is not dry, it is light and, most importantly, it did not melt on my baking sheet.” writes Boho and continues to describe the recipe and the procedure for two loaves:

  • 1 cube of yeast (42g)
  • 330 g plain flour
  • 330 g semi-coarse flour (both sifted)
  • 1 vanilla sugar
  • zest of one lemon
  • a little nutmeg (optional)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of rum
  • approx. 160 g of butter (I used the eye, about a larger half of a cube), softened, cut or grated, DO NOT melt it so that the flour does not absorb it
  • 3 larger egg yolks
  • 130 g granulated sugar
  • salt (about a teaspoon)
  • approx. 250 ml of lukewarm milk
  • raisins (I cut them and soak them in rum, at least 2 hours in advance)

“I’ll make a leaven (yeast, a little flour, sugar, a pinch of salt, a little lukewarm milk). I mix the rest of the loose ingredients, plus the lemon zest. I add ready-made yeast (I left it for about 20 minutes), add egg yolks, butter and knead (ideally in a food processor), gradually add rum and pour lukewarm milk,” explained Jitka.

“If the dough seems too sticky, sprinkle in semi-coarse flour little by little (I also did it this way so that the dough doesn’t get extra sticky, but don’t worry, it will still be a little bit, it takes speed and a bit of skill). I divided it into two halves and put raisins in one, worked them in and left them to rise in a bowl (I turn on the oven at about 40-50 degrees – hot air, put it under a towel and let it rise for 1-2 hours). I put baking paper on a baking sheet and made 2 buns, brushed with beaten egg and sprinkled almond slices. I made a small cross on top of each with a knife,” she advised.

“The first approx. 8 – 10 min. bake at 200 degrees (WATCH!!). Then quickly weaken and another 30-40 min. to 145-150 degrees. After about 20 minutes, I covered the spread with foil so that they wouldn’t burn,” Jitka Boho finished her recipe.

Singer Dara Rolins has been in Italy for some time with her boyfriend Pavel Nedvěd (51). On Good Friday, she greeted fans from the Vatican.

Eva Decastelo is enjoying Easter in Rome with Tomáš Třeštík (46). Together they visit typical sights, the photographer takes pictures and the presenter smiles lovingly.

But the smile on her face did not last long, Třeštík had to deal with unpleasant vicissitudes with the police, who were enraged that he was taking pictures of their motorbikes without permission. He had to go with them to the police station and be questioned.

I took out my camera, Eva was waiting on the corner, and I wandered around among the motorbikes for a while, trying to find an angle from which to cram as many of them into the format as possible. Peripherally, I noticed a woman standing there in the distance, so I was careful not to let her get in the way too much. describing.

They surrounded us and the interrogation began. Who I am? Photographer. What am I photographing? Mostly advertising and portraits. where am i from From Prague. How long have I been here? About 15 hours. Reason for visit? Snort. Are there more of us? No, just the two of us. In addition, they discussed something in Italian with each other and at the same time with someone else on the radio,Třeštík described the unpleasant moments spent at the police station.

In the end, the police released them with a warning to not take any more pictures of the motorbikes.

The holiday mood is already in the actress Patricia Pagáčová’s house. The pom pom is being knitted, although probably not for daughter Bibiana, but husband Tibor will certainly use it.

“It’s not Easter without stuffing,” Patricia is clear.

On Maundy Thursday, you should bake and eat something green. Some prefer spinach, others a shot of greens and Ondřej Brzobohatý beer.

Happy Easter to all!” wishes the musician.

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The Paw Flash Easter photo contest is in full swing. Pets pose among Easter eggs and bunnies Kateřina Lang, Blesk readers

Lucie Bílá

Lucie Bílá



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