Horoscope for 1-7 April: Virgo, keep your eyes open and don’t believe everyone, Scorpio, a new chapter awaits you

Horoscope for 1-7 April: Virgo, keep your eyes open and don’t believe everyone, Scorpio, a new chapter awaits you
Horoscope for 1-7 April: Virgo, keep your eyes open and don’t believe everyone, Scorpio, a new chapter awaits you

What’s in store for you in the coming week? Horoscope and astrologer Jarmila Gričová will tell you! We bring you a complete overview for all zodiac signs.


21. 3. – 20. 4.

Once again, you will demonstrate mastery in finding ways that no one else sees and inventing solutions that no one else can think of. Thanks to this, you finally stop hesitating and step forward. On Friday, when Venus enters your sign, expect an interesting invitation from an even more interesting person.


21. 4. – 21. 5.

To find practical solutions, use the Moon, which is in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to make the task easier, imagine your grandmother in your place and think what she would do. You can look forward to very interesting dreams at the weekend. Finally, a stimulus will come that will lighten the darkness so far.

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22 May – 21 June

You too can sometimes do things that you do not understand and for which you search in vain for an explanation. If you feel like buying a tablecloth or placemat with a romantic floral pattern that you can’t stand otherwise, go for it. It can be seen that your soul requires the peace and quiet that it has so far lacked.


22 June – 22 July

On Monday and Tuesday, when Luna is in your partner sector, turn into an observer of what is happening both at work and among loved ones. When you can uncover the reasons that lead to this, you yourself will understand what to do and where to intervene. On the weekend, you will have clarity and peace in everything.


23. 7. – 22. 8.

When you want to get an advantage at work, you have to go about it the right way. Above all, make it clear that you are not asking for any mercy, but that you are only asking for something to which you are undoubtedly entitled. If you choose Tuesday for your speech, when strong Mercury has a beneficial effect on you, you will definitely succeed.


23. 8. – 22. 9.

Even if you usually have common sense to give and don’t let yourself be tricked, you should still be careful on Wednesday. The combined forces of Venus and Neptune can put someone in your path who pretends to love so convincingly that you begin to believe him. However, you will quickly understand that this is exactly what you must not do.


23 September – 23 October

Finally, you can return the favor to the people who dealt with your problems not so long ago. They will explain to you that it is not necessary, but it will be clear from their actions that they are still grateful to you. It can be seen that they are more used to people who quickly forget the good they have done.


24. 10. – 22. 11.

Until very early Friday morning, when Venus is in your love and romance sector, you finally have a chance to improve your relationship and start a new chapter in your life. That’s why reserve the weekend to think about the future. What you come up with, you can also make happen.


23. 11. – 21. 12.

Even if you try to have the garden as beautiful as possible, be careful not to take on too much work. If you can make your job easier, you should. If you found a suitable place for a pergola on Wednesday or Thursday, you should think about it. If you involve friends, its construction will be cheap.


22. 12. – 20. 1.

At the time when the Sun is passing through Aries, you have a lot of work to do, but at the same time you can fully enjoy the pleasure that mastering it gives you. However, especially on Monday and Tuesday, be careful not to overdo it with his speeches. If you let your colleagues work instead of you, especially at work, it will be better.


21. 1. – 20. 2.

When you do something extra for the people around you, you yourself know that this is a loving deed on your part, for which you deserve at least praise. You will be quite surprised if you don’t get it. Only later will you realize that the person in question was so surprised by your generous approach that he could not bring himself to say a word.


21. 2. 20. 3.

Expect that during the working part of the week you won’t be interested in fulfilling your duties and you won’t even sigh for tasks. All the more you can focus on improving your relationship with your partner. By Thursday, when Venus is in your sign, a little will will bring your love to absolute perfection and the two of you to happiness.

Source: Vlasta magazine, vlasta.cz

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