Vendula introduces the very latest in the bistro, it will force…

Vendula introduces the very latest in the bistro, it will force…
Vendula introduces the very latest in the bistro, it will force…

Anička Lišková, who has always radiated optimism, recently looks as if her scooter has been stolen. She is eternally angry and sour, and Vendula is probably to blame for this, who decided to cut her maternity leave short and once again hang out in the bistro.

Things are boiling between Anička and Vendula in the bistro

Anička Lišková always paid for a non-conflictual character in Ulica, who mainly took care of herself. Although life dealt her several unpleasant blows, she always somehow managed to get out of it. Most of the time she had a smile on her face and hope that everything would turn out well. But now she walks around the bistro like a body without a soul, makes scathing remarks and you can see that something is eating her badly. That it would be the departure of Bedřich Liška? After all, things started to develop well between them and he then informed them that he was leaving for Opava. Or did the breakup with Šimon affect her? Sarah’s departure?

The screenwriters won’t let Anička be sad for long, Source: Pavel Gwužď / Nextfoto

So it seems that when Anička has no one to save, she feels a little lost. The management position in the bistro made sense to her because she almost didn’t stop all day and was in contact with customers. But Vendula took it away from her, along with an additional payment for more work. All of this together now probably hit Anička with full force.

Ulica viewers could witness an exchange of views between the otherwise calm Anička and Vendula, who has too much energy after maternity leave. The two just don’t seem to fit in the door together. Their opinions differ. Anička was much better without Vendula in the bistro. But that she would change her job because of it?

It looks like Anička will have something to deal with again

But the screenwriters won’t let Anička be sad for long. They give her another mission in which she can realize herself. As viewers well know, Dirk and Skyler broke up over drugs. Francis he is furious and will probably insist that his Chris move to the Czech Republic where he can watch over him. Anička may thus see her grandson much more often. Given František and Skyler’s busy schedules, she may be a full-time grandmother.

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