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The unique show, which sells out stadiums all over the world, is heading to the Czech Republic again in June after eight years. Monks from the cradle of philosophical teachings and the martial art of kung fu – the Chinese monastery in Shaolin – will stop at the Congress Center on their 20th anniversary tour around the world.

The incredible spectacle, which was admired by the British monarch or the American president, combines artistic performances and martial skills with Buddhist teachings.

The show of the Shaolin monks is unique among the mysteries of the contemporary world and belongs to the best that China exports abroad. In this great country, teaching martial arts is a prestigious job and study, and Shaolin is the absolute top among monasteries.

During the performance, you will see eight-year-old Benjamin girls as well as adult men and old men, who do not perform painless theater, but prepare their bodies for blows from opponents, spear points, steel blades or wooden bars.

You can see what he performs in a stripped-down form and edited in the Bruce Lee films in full splendor and live on the stage of the Congress Center on June 16 from 6:00 p.m.

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