The archdiocese is renovating its headquarters in the center, this will bring savings and profits from renting apartments


The reconstruction of the building from the end of the 17th century, which underwent a significant reconstruction more than a hundred years ago and has not been significantly invested in since then, was already needed.

“The roof is in bad condition – in the central part it even leans slightly towards the square and many parts need to be replaced. The fillings of openings, window sashes and frames are also alive, in many places they are degraded and leaky,” Jan Smítal from the construction department of the archdiocese summarizes the current state.

Repair of the historic curia building on Biskupské náměstí in Olomouc

“In the basements and non-basement parts, the masonry degrades due to moisture, in several places static damage to the masonry or vaults is evident. The distribution systems of most installations are also unsatisfactory,” added Smítal.

In cooperation with the Olomouc architect Otto Schneider and his team, a project was created, the aim of which is not only to correct the bad condition of the building, but also to make adjustments leading to more efficient use of energy and optimization of the layout of individual spaces.

“The building is located in a heritage zone, so it is not possible, for example, to insulate its facade. Even so, with the use of available means – by replacing the roofing, insulating attic spaces or replacing window openings with significantly better thermal technical parameters – we will achieve savings of at least fifteen percent and the annual reduction in emissions will amount to 12.5 tons of CO2,” explained Smítal.

“Temporarily, gas heating will be maintained, but the use of heat pumps is also being considered in the future – the new heating system is already being prepared for this,” he noted.

New layout inside the building

“The arrangement of the individual departments, whose distribution up until now was based more on the gradual development of needs, will now contribute to a better orientation. It will also simplify the mutual coordination of cooperating departments,” said Smítal, adding that the repair will also lead to operational savings.

The reconstruction budget exceeds one hundred million crowns, which is being carried out by Navláčil stavební firma as the general contractor.

“We started the overall reconstruction of the archbishop’s curia in the historic reserve in the center of Olomouc. We are waiting for the repair of the roof, the facade, but also the internal arrangements. Completion of the reconstruction is planned for May 2025,” company representatives said.

“Technical solutions are optimized so that the building can last as long as possible in normal maintenance mode after the completion of the event without the need for further general reconstruction. The concept allows for reserves and variant use without the need for reconstruction,” emphasized Smítal.

“We balance the building’s necessary expenses by keeping about a third of the floor space as residential for the purpose of future profit from renting apartments. The event also includes the submission of a project for energy savings co-financed from public sources,” he described.

“The plan is to move the workers back to the newly repaired premises for the summer holidays of 2025,” concludes Smítal.

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