SF3 Z9: PLZ – MBL 7:1- FINAL! In addition, the ninth graders honored Bruslar with seven goals!


The decisive duel of the series was started by Filip Stupka, who intercepted the Bruslař’s play and fell alone on Martínek from the left side, who closed the blocks in time. After that, Matoušek threatened during his own weakening, when he drove between the circles, but then overshot. The same player after a while shot from the blue, on the contrary, with a numerical advantage. The puck was knocked down to Filip Stupek, who immediately passed it between the circles, from where he scored a shot Zdenek Strnad. The same player shot not long after from the blue, Blengino was trying to finish in the goal area, but he did not measure accurately. On the contrary, Pejša was chasing the equaliser, in front of whom space opened up on the right side, Osvald stepped in with his shoulder. Approximately half a minute before the first siren, Škoda blocked two shots in weakness, but the third one from the left in a submission Matyáš Michálek has already ended in the network.

The middle act was played by Blengino, who stretched from his own defensive third to between the circles, Martínek was able to step in. But after a while he also skated into a similar position Josef Mertl and he already hung it under the crossbar. Chabad tried to answer quickly in the outnumbering, but he could not overcome Osvald. As soon as regular time moved into its second half, Plzeň performed a quick counterattack, in which Martínek appeared before Eliáš Matoušek and after a quick loop hung up on the empty.

In addition, the same player added a goal after only twenty-four seconds of the third part, and the home team began to look significantly towards the final. After that, the skaters got the advantage of the power play, but just Eliáš Matoušek he splashed into a two-on-one outnumbering, which he successfully finished from the right circle, and the hat trick was in the world. Moreover, he just got expelled Filip Stupka returned to the ice, splashed everyone on the ice and literally bathed Martínek, who immediately went to the substitute. The guests then performed a disgusting finale. First, for an insidious foul on the head with the aim of injuring an opponent, Piskač received a penalty until the end of the match, after a while the official Jakub Mrázek started to run amok like a madman and was also sent off until the end of the match. The Indians responded with hockey as he scored goals like midgets Josef Mertl.

Škoda thus advances to the finals, which are played on the winner of three duels. It starts in the west of Bohemia on Wednesday the third of April and continues in the same place immediately the next day. The opponent is Liberec, which the Indians beat 11:1 in extra time and lost 4:5 in extra time in the rematch. The two teams also met in the preparation, when Pilsen won 4:2.

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