Sparta struggled with the last one, but keeps the lead. Pilsen lost the home series

Sparta struggled with the last one, but keeps the lead. Pilsen lost the home series
Sparta struggled with the last one, but keeps the lead. Pilsen lost the home series

A goal error by Janko, who let Birmanevio’s weak shot pass under his hand, helped Sparan to get to those points. Otherwise, it has been a pain since winning the title.

I will watch the game, they gave their best. We were preparing for the rescue, so from this point of view I am very sorry for the received gl, but we decided to fight him off, he said after the match in an interview for O2TV house trainer Ji Kladrubsk.

His Saints could score points in the match, but Sparta ignored the signs of dangerous situations and pulled back towards the end, playing for breaks, which they did not convert, but did not lose the match.

We saw that it would not be an easy rescue, especially after the representative of the plant. The most important thing is that we won those points, said coach Brian Priske after the game.

Sparta leads the league by a point, while Budjovice loses a point to Karvina in the last place.

Even Slavia did not have an easy time in Slovakia, but she confirmed that she is good at it. She beat him five times out of the last ten matches. At 1:1 a minute before half time, Jurek’s long-range goal was decided by a mistake from the home goal of Hea.

After his step on Wallem shortly after the break and on the recommendation of Radina’s video assistant, the judge Rouek awarded a penalty kick from which Jurek was saved. Doing something with the score 1:3 was beyond his strength for Slovakia.

Slavia scored the tenth penalty in the league season, which is the absolute most in the league. Teplice kicked six of them, Plze and Liberec five each, and Sparta, for example, only those.

Jureka converted 10 penalties, one was not given by Chytil. Van Buren and Wallem exchanged turns.

It was a balanced match, which was decided by our players. In a difficult environment, we gave you points, said coach Jindich Trpiovsk.

Pilze, after six hills in a row, reached the crack S, but he gave the house pork, in the morning at the aunt’s place, especially it relieves her.

She succumbed for the first time since November 12 and after eleven fights, nine of which she won.

Liberec beat it in the same season and in the second half and again scored goals. Two of them were taken care of by the tonk Kulen, who also scored in the autumn. Erv also scored at that time, but he has been playing Pilsen since January, but due to a penalty for card theft, he could not play against his former teammate.

For the same reason, the tonk Chor was also missing and the first representative Hran did not start either, he was just sick. And they could not replace their support with others. That’s also why Liberec won points, only in the spring they played quality duels against Sparta and Slavia, but lost.

It turned out that they were probably missing two cleats, who were in an unsatisfactory condition from the national team match, said Miroslav Koubek from Plzeň.

Bohemians and Jablonec had the same point, but the mutual game cut into the middle group, which was the home of Bohemians. Their tie was decided by two goals before half time.

Pardubice took the losses after the series and they managed to do it again outside, they won 2:0 in Olomouc and in the fight for survival they immediately got a lot more breath. And coach Kov was missing from the bench due to a penalty for a red card.

The unflattering streak was thus cut short by Ostrava Bank, who had been waiting for a home win since they beat Zln 5:1. Against Teplice, however, he took over and defeated them 4:1. After a good start to the spring, Teplice have lost two of their last three games and now have nine, while Bank, on the other hand, has jumped into the top tier.

Unlike soup, we were efficient. I have to honor the horse, because in the last home games we didn’t graduate those girls, Pavel Hapal took a breath.

The fans in Mlad Boleslav saw a hectic rescue of late. Although the home team quickly led by two goals after goals from Pulkrab and Ladra, Schnelec dreamed in the half-time and equalized with Vukadin in a set piece.

It looked like the Zln podruh would pull off a double-header and win the tie, but Mladá Boleslavsk finally saved Jawo’s game in the last minute. In the end, the shot was as sharp as Cedidla’s own goal. Mlad Boleslav is five points behind Bank, Zln zstv trnct.

Save the values. When you go from 0:2 to 2:2 and then in the last minute concede a bit of an unlucky goal, it’s a terrible slap in the face, coach Bronislav Ervenka sighed.

Behind him, in addition to the last Budjovics, is also Karvin, who finished in ten in Hradec and eventually lost to him 1:2.

26th round of the Fortuna League

summary of results, link and online report

minute by minute
The champion’s win was issued, gl donated a goal
Dojat Mejdr: Thank you for the price, I didn’t mean it. It’s nice to have someone behind you

minute by minute
Jurek gave two gly, the one was decided from long distance after mistakes by Hei
Jureka again laid out his Slovacka. I’m playing time, I didn’t notice the squeal
Trpiovsk was excited for a day after the creation of Stak and the insole of the built-in gl
Slovak vs. crack S 1:3. Let’s get cheap gly all spring, desperate Svdk

minute by minute
They couldn’t build the house without supports, he gave two glas to Kulen
We played decent football, but the quality was lacking. Koubek about a portion of Plzeň
He robbed Plze again. I’m going to go against coach Koubek, to Kozel

minute by minute
She decided the first game, losing after ten games
Ram’s sarcastic face didn’t soften: I can’t, we have to be wet

minute by minute
The home team sank a curios goal and they lost the second in a row
Abomination of purple! We’re down. As a club, as tm, he recognized Olomouc kou Sak
We can’t help the effects of the atmosphere. All spring, nothing works for us, at Breite’s
Zlatohlvek celebrated a sweet hit by Sigm: For the first time in the league vdm Pardubice

minute by minute
House cursed broken, the Russian woman decided with a nice shot
The bank broke the curse and made fandom beer cheaper. Perhaps they drank something, Frydrych thought

minute by minute
The guests didn’t hit in the 10th inning, Spil knocked them down
Hradec lost a lot of time in the playoffs, it was the coach Horej

minute by minute
They drank the house for a jump, Jawo saved them in the set

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