Temperature records were again broken in the Czech Republic. The stations also measured summer values


Temperature records were again broken in the Czech Republic on Monday, April 1, the warmest was in Karviná with 26 degrees Celsius. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) announced this on the X network. New records were set at roughly two-fifths of the more than 160 weather stations that have been measuring temperatures for 30 years or more. The threshold of 25 degrees, which already marks a summer day in meteorology, was reached or exceeded in several places in the country.

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In addition to Karviná, the temperature record for April 1 was also broken on Monday in České Budějovice, where 25.7 degrees were measured, or in Bohumín with a temperature of 25.3 degrees. In fourth and fifth place among the stations with new records were Přerov and Český Krumlov, both with a temperature of 25 degrees. For all of these stations, the original records were from 2021 and hovered around 23 or 24 degrees.

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Sunny will be replaced by rain, there is also a risk of thunderstorms. After a cold start to the week, it will warm up

Temperature records were repeatedly broken even at the end of March. But according to the forecast, on Tuesday CHMÚ cools down sharply. The highest daily temperatures will be between 11 and 15 degrees. In the following days, temperatures will start to rise again and on Sunday they can reach up to 27 degrees.

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