The court will hear Cimicky’s case in private today

The court will hear Cimicky’s case in private today
The court will hear Cimicky’s case in private today

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Prague – The hearing of the case of psychiatrist Jan Cimický, who faces charges of four counts of rape and 35 cases of extortion, will continue behind closed doors today at the District Court for Prague 8. Judge Petr Novák had planned to publicly question the expert in the morning, but he excused himself from the meeting. The remaining witnesses will testify in private. The seventy-six-year-old doctor did not come to today’s hearing, having previously denied the charges. The next main trial will take place next week.

According to prosecutor Martina Adámková, the indictment concerns 39 acts that Cimický committed between 1979 and 2019. According to the indictment, these were primarily patients of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital and clients of the Modrá laguna mental health center, which the psychiatrist opened in 1996 after leaving Bohnice. The plaintiff claims that Cimický touched the girls, kissed them, and performed other sexual practices with some of them. Among the victims are also female students, some girls were not even 18 years old at the time.

Adámková accuses Cimický of 35 cases of extortion and four rapes, the various legal qualifications are related to the change in the criminal code in 2009. She demands a three-year prison term and a ban on exercising the medical profession.

Cimicky denies the accusation. In January, at the opening of the main trial, he denied committing rape or any sexual violence or coercion. He said that his actions were always conducted with the aim of treating the patient. He also criticized the police’s approach to his current and former patients, which he said was insensitive. He apologized for further negotiations.

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