Information for fans before the MOL Cup in Jablonec

Information for fans before the MOL Cup in Jablonec
Information for fans before the MOL Cup in Jablonec

The loss of Viktorka is due to the quarterfinal duel of the MOL Cup in Jablonec (18:00). Pin information for fans who want to support the club in the north.


“We want to succeed in Jablonec, which means to advance. The players who had a card stop and health problems after returning from the national team, we know that we will be in the strongest possible team. We showed ourselves the unsuccessful match with Liberec immediately after the match, we discussed our mistakes , but there is no time to worry too much about it, but it is necessary to prepare quickly and concentrate only and only on the field duel. On Monday we will go to Jablonec, the preparation will be in the standard form and as I said, we want to do everything for the promotion and we will also to our fans who come to support us.”


Tickets purchased on the original date, which was postponed due to fog, remain valid!

For fans of Viktorka, the VH (flagship guest) sector is set aside at Stelnice. Alternatively, tickets can be purchased online HERE for 200 K. Children under 140 cm then for 100 K, children under 3 years free (no request for a seat). On the day of the match, the box office will be open right away at the stadium, where the ticket will cost 200 K.

The holder of the ZTP/P ticket after his payment (+1 accompanying person) has reserved seats in stand A, sector A. Here, sales are only available at the cash desks at the main entrance.


Buses and vans can be parked near the guest sector, private cars can then be parked in the Kaufland parking lot.


As at any entrance, it is necessary to observe the entry permit here. The use of pyrotechnics, etc. is self-permitted. You can find the entry permit HERE.


Fans will, of course, have an advertising booth available.


Fans, organize the bus entrance. Germans can contact Zdek Pavel by phone at 606 594 326. Viktorina, have a safe trip and see you in Jablonec!

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