All registered children were accepted into the pilot project for the summer operation of kindergartens in Prague 6


It will reach all registered children. Photo: Lucie Rychlá

The Antonín Čermák Kindergarten, in which the pilot project will take place this year from July 1 to August 23, reports that it will accept all children whose parents have registered. The project is intended for all children from Prague 6 who are attending a kindergarten this school year, which was founded by the district. “I am glad that we managed to fulfill our expectations and were able to accept all the registered children for the summer operation,” said Čapková.

Registration for the eight-week summer operation at the Antonín Čermák Kindergarten was completed on March 20. A total of 240 children registered for the summer operation. Most parents took advantage of the opportunity to register their child for three weeks, which means that 635 children will participate in the summer operation.

With the exception of the first week in which 40 children enrolled, the remaining seven weeks averaged 80 children per week. “Today I know that we have the necessary summer operation staffing for all weeks. It is mainly thanks to the help provided by individual kindergartens in Prague 6, or their teachers. After the publication of the summer operation of the kindergarten by the councilor for education, Mariana Čapková, it was subjected to incomprehensible criticism on social networks. I promised that we will try to accept all registered children for the summer operation. Today I can say that we will fulfill this promise,” said Petr Karvánek, the director of Antonín Čermák Primary and Kindergarten.

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In the next few days, parents of all registered children will receive an email with information about their child’s admission to the summer operation. “Once again, I would like to ask all parents who have decided to register their child to actually enroll their children in the summer. If there are a large number of children who are registered but do not enter kindergarten, we will strongly consider repeating the project next year,” added Čapková.

Parents had the opportunity to register their child for a weekly stay (Mon-Fri) for a maximum of three weeks. They may or may not be related to each other. After registration is closed, parents will receive information/confirmation by e-mail about their child’s admission to the summer operation and the payment amount.

The summer stay must be paid for by June 12. Only after payment of the prescribed amount will the school director issue a decision on the child’s admission to summer school. Parents will receive the original decision on the day the child starts kindergarten.

Kindergarten fees at the Antonín Čermák Kindergarten are 700 crowns a month. According to Karvánek, this fee will have to be paid regardless of how long the child attends kindergarten in a given month. In addition to this fee, it will be necessary to pay a meal fee, which will amount to approximately 250 crowns per week.

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This means that if the child is enrolled in school for one week, he will pay 950 crowns (700 + 250), if he goes to school for two weeks in one month, he will pay 1200 crowns (700+250+250). However, if the child is enrolled in school for two weeks, each in a different month, he will pay 950 crowns twice.

According to Čapková, it is assumed that two departments will be opened every week. The operation will be ensured by pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff mainly from the Antonín Čermák school, but also from a number of kindergartens in Prague 6.

The financial burden will depend on the number of children and employees. “The current assumption is 640,000 crowns, while 70 percent of the amount would be paid by the city district and the rest by the employers, i.e. the schools themselves. Since it will be a pilot project, it will be evaluated after its completion. An important criterion for the possible continuation of the project will be the real participation of children,” said the deputy mayor.

In addition to this pilot project, the offer of other kindergartens in Prague 6 will also continue, which is represented by more than 40 weekly camps during the entire summer holidays, with the exception of the preparatory week.

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