YOUTH: You don’t want children? Go to hell.

YOUTH: You don’t want children? Go to hell.
YOUTH: You don’t want children? Go to hell.

It is said that more and more young people do not plan to have children. Supposedly because of the lack of apartments (here and here) and to save the planet (here). I haven’t heard more nonsense in a long time.

Not least because the poorest have always had the most children in history. And as every mother will tell you, the second and next child in the family inherits clothes, they raise themselves almost on their own, and there is always one extra dose of food for them.
I understand some. Some may not find a suitable partner, others may not be granted their own child by Fate, but for others, childless by their own decision, it is selfishness and convenience, as sometimes stated by obstetricians, for example reproductive geneticist Pavel Calda (here).

We are dying out, statisticians and obstetricians have been sounding the alarm for years (here). The media and politicians are full of marriage for anyone, gender, the Istanbul Convention, the Green Deal, wars everywhere and anti-gypsyism as if they were the most important things in the world. And young people live in this madhouse, and I parrot to others that they are afraid to have children, so as not to harm some nameless “planet”, which is supposedly already overpopulated. And so the number of people living alone is increasing, preferring same-sex erotica or even sexlessness, and having the organs removed that alone can ensure their and our survival.
What a planet, it will manage somehow. It is much worse with the nation of Czechs. Maybe my fellow citizens don’t mind that the Czechs will soon die out and be replaced by other nationalities that haven’t succumbed to the collective stupidity of the young. Somehow, however, our Czech young selfish childless people forgot that they are here precisely because their ancestors were not selfish. Today’s youth enjoy the prosperity built by their parents and grandparents, who all worked, produced and raised children in times much more difficult than our own. After all, three generations of families under one roof were common even during my childhood. And today someone spoiled claims that it is impossible to conceive children without owning an apartment with sheltered housing in the city center?

Without children we will die out and others will fill our land. Without children, there will be no pensions, no one to treat us, no one to produce, no caring hands, no teachers. Without children, there is no future and, by the way, not much happiness. Without children, you will miss a lot in life and it will seem very long and boring. Your bonds will break sooner, you will have no one to pass on your wealth to.
But where are the elites, scientists, philosophers and politicians? Where are the public campaigns that value multiple families and encourage young people to have children, even as soon as possible, ideally in their twenties, while conception is natural and easy? Our state supports everyone and every nonsense, but forgets about families and the continuation of the family. And I don’t want to talk only about money, but also about social and moral support. Our media celebrate every star or member of the Star Infantry, every athlete playing sports abroad, but family clans are neglected, although it is precisely in multiple families that people live most contentedly (as you can read here, for example).
Prosperity creates pseudo-problems and causes a craving for nonsense. And so it seems that the only ones who care about children are homosexuals, who fight hard for the legalization of surrogacy because of it.
You don’t want children, you selfish ones? Don’t you want to give back to the human society that provides you with education, infrastructure, safety and healthcare? Do you just want to graduate and run away abroad? Don’t you want someone left behind to take over the scepter and continue building our civilization? Do you just want to enjoy the fruits of previous generations, spend your parents’ money, travel the world, educate yourself and play? Without responsibility and without maturity? Go to hell and the flood will follow you.

The rest of you love and multiply. There is nothing more important in this world.

The author is an independent senator and president of the Union of Family Advocates

Written for Dení

The article is in Czech

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