Governor Kuba: It makes me really happy to start transport constructions


04/02/2024 14:02 | Press Release

With a ceremonial knock on the foundation stone, the South Bohemian Region started the construction of road II/141 between Prachatice and the village of Libínské Sedlo.


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It happened on Tuesday, March 26. The goal of the construction is to reduce the number of traffic accidents and improve the passability of this key traffic artery. Between 2017 and 2021, there were 141 traffic accidents here, two of which had tragic consequences.

Estimated construction costs will be 66.7 million crowns including VAT. The investor is the South Bohemian Region with co-financing from the Integrated Regional Operational Program. Thanks to these means, a new 930 m long uphill lane will be built behind the so-called American curve. It will thus be possible to comfortably go around trucks that are forced to slow down before the turning curve and until now have been blocking other traffic by driving slowly uphill. The South Bohemian region also wants to comply with the request of the city of Prachatice. Therefore, part of the construction is the removal of the problematic connection of the exit from the forest road so that the mining equipment can safely drive onto the road II/141.

The aim of the South Bohemian Region is to minimize traffic difficulties for drivers. Here, too, he has taken measures that will limit traffic closures to the necessary level. For most of the time, the closure will therefore only be partial and traffic will be guided by a shuttle using a light signaling device. The complete closure is planned at the very end of construction, when it will be necessary to unite the final abrasive asphalt layers without a working joint in order to ensure a longer service life of the new road surface.

The construction is acknowledged with thanks in particular by the mayor of the city of Prachatice, Jan Bauer. “The town of Prachatice, perhaps as one of the few former district towns, is not located on first-class roads, which is our big disadvantage in terms of transport services. And this section has been criticized for a long time, firstly because of traffic safety and secondly because of the passability of this section. In the direction of Volary, there is the Strážný border crossing, which is the only border crossing of the South Bohemian Region with the Federal Republic of Germany. That is why we have been calling for a long time for an overtaking or climbing lane to be created here. I am glad that sometime four years ago, when Martin Kuba and I discussed what would be appropriate to do in terms of traffic safety for Prachatice, the idea of ​​this rising lane arose. I did not believe that the push for the goal would be so big and I was pleasantly surprised when I received information about three quarters of a year ago that the promises would become reality and a transport construction costing tens of millions of crowns would be built here thanks to the South Bohemian Region. I think that it will help a lot not only the city of Prachatice, but everyone who passes through here. Not only in terms of accessibility, but also traffic safety,” explained Bauer.

His words were confirmed by the governor of the South Bohemian Region, Martin Kuba, who did not hide his delight at the realization of the construction, which the residents of Prachatick had been calling for for a long time. “Starting transport constructions makes me really happy. And here the joy is all the greater that we are implementing a project that Honza Bauer and I talked about with South Bohemia and presented it as one of the very necessary projects that have been talked about here for more than ten years and that we want to implement, because people it will really help in this area. This was done, and I would like to thank all the people, thanks to whose enormous work commitment, we can stand here today and start construction, which will be finished by the end of this election period. I think this is how it should work. Politicians should present their plan and do their best to implement it. It is thanks to the fulfillment of given promises that the greatest trust is created between the politician and the voter. I want this principle to work in South Bohemia and we implement more and more transport constructions. Because if the South Bohemian Region was neglected in anything, it was the lack of transport facilities,” said Governor Kuba.

Thanks to this philosophy, the South Bohemian region is among the winners in drawing money from European subsidies. This is confirmed by the words of Petr Bouška, director of the South Bohemian branch of the Center for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, which covers IROP projects. According to him, the South Bohemian region has already built or reconstructed 222 km of II roads with the help of European money. and III. class, which is the most of all Czech and Moravian regions. It also ranks first in the number of implemented road projects supported by subsidies from IROP.

“We are a long-term partner of the South Bohemian Region in securing co-financing from the IROP. Together, we have already worked or are currently working on 44 projects, and the total amount of support from European money is close to 2.5 billion crowns. Let this project be another example of our successful cooperation and serve the residents and visitors of the region in the same way as all previous ones,” said Director Bouška

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