He stabbed the ex-wife’s partner and cut off his penis and testicles. He faces an exceptional sentence


The tragic incident took place on the last day of June last year in the corridor of a block of flats in Dolní Měcholupy.

According to the public prosecutor, the defendant stabbed the partner of his wife, with whom he was divorcing at the time, at least twenty times without any prior warning out of jealousy, anger and a desire for revenge.

He basically stabbed the man from head to knees, among other things he injured the victim’s lungs, heart or liver. “Furthermore, the defendant apparently cut off the victim’s external genitalia (including the scrotum with testicles) at the end of the attack,” said the prosecutor.

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The stabbed person died on the spot, mainly from stab wounds to the heart and lungs. The accused left the scene of the crime.

“I partially admit my guilt. The accusation is not objective and I will do my best to prove it,” said the defendant at the beginning of the hearing. According to him, it was basically completely different from what is described in the indictment.

“I am very sorry that such a tragedy occurred, in which I became a participant against my will. The motive that is attributed to me for guilt, jealousy and revenge is completely without any justification,” he declared.

“I have been the victim of the evil actions of others, each of whom could have benefited from the harm done to me,” he added cryptically.

“She Used Our Daughter”

He allegedly did not know the victim at all, and he said he did not even know that he was the new partner of his wife, with whom he had already been in divorce proceedings for six months. That day, the defendant gave the court a fairly detailed description.

It is said that he came to Prague’s Dolní Měcholup because he needed to find out if his then wife had not yet changed her place of residence, as she had allegedly prevented him from contacting their daughter for the second month. “She used our daughter as an instrument of revenge,” the defendant complained.

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In the garage of the house, he noticed that a strange man had parked in his wife’s place. “I only found out about the relationship between the victim and my wife from the police,” he claimed to the court.

“I asked him who he was and why he parked in my wife’s spot,” he continued.

However, the man allegedly immediately began to appear arrogant and rude, began to provoke a conflict and “spoke rudely.”

At the same time, he left the garage to the corridor with the elevator and the defendant followed him. “I headed towards him, saying that I would continue the conversation to find out what he had to do with my family,” the man described.

“I only blocked his attempts”

At the elevator, the conflict escalated into a physical fight. “He hit me on the head, I felt bad, I realized he started a fight. I grabbed his hands and tried to keep him from hitting me. We started fighting,” the defendant described to the court.

“I tried to block his attempts to attack, I tried not to beat him and not treat him roughly because I knew we were on camera,” he added.

At one point, the victim allegedly hit his eyes with his fingers and knocked off his glasses, causing the defendant to lose his balance. “I still don’t remember anything. It is possible that I used the knife,” he abruptly concluded the description of the incident.

He was also unable to answer the specific question of the judge of the parties about the severed genitalia. “I don’t know, I can’t comment normally. I don’t remember that part of the fight,” he said.

After some time, he allegedly woke up, saw the victim on the ground, breathing and moving. “I thought I was going to get in trouble with the police because of the fight, and that’s why I left the scene,” the defendant explained.

The police eventually caught the man the same night in the Liberec region, about fifteen kilometers from the border. The defendant denied in court that he was planning to flee the country.

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