“Enough NATO! No weapons and wars in the 21st century.” It took place in Nuremberg. The media “closed” their eyes


Gustav Ballin, the head of the Bavarian communists, was such a link here, as is traditional. He also ensured a meeting of Czech communists with protest organizers and refreshments at the community headquarters in Nuremberg.

All as one man

This year’s protests in Nuremberg were also attended by numerous Kurdish youth, representatives of the Palestinians, Antifa and many others. Several thousand marchers headed for the center, which met in the city center in the afternoon. The Bavarian communists also arranged a short trip to the site of the Nuremberg protest for the Czech guests. After noon, the mass of protestors flocked to the city, which, as Ballin pointed out, “was so badly affected by the bombing of the Allied forces at the end of the war that only a few dozen houses remained standing”.

So-called “allies”?

In previous years, there were also protests in front of the American military base in Ansbach, regularly until covid. The next editions, as the organizers of the protests informed us, could not take place due to the ban of the federal government. As Karel Kvit, the chairman of the Pilsen Regional Communist Organization, pointed out in a short speech, “..at the end of the Second World War, the Allies destroyed infrastructure in our country too, which could no longer affect the outcome of the approaching end of the conflict”. Kvit and another Czech communist, Miroslav Kavij, drew attention to the current tense situation, which is not unlike the beginning of the war in Central Europe.

The Czechs were the only foreign participants in the Easter protests, which the Germans greatly appreciated. “We don’t want any weapons, wars in the 21st century,” underlined Kvit in his short speech to great applause from those present.

Communist Kvit with his greeting. (PHOTO: Václav Fiala)

New Age?

In Germany, a number of protests against armaments, for a peaceful solution to the Russian-Ukraine conflict and the situation in Gaza, against the trade blockade of Cuba – which is completely ignored in our Czech media, by the way, for peace for everyone and the whole world – are being prepared in Germany.

As was seen, other groups than the traditional DKP or Linke are taking the initiative in the protests. Young people together with pensioners who express great displeasure at the solution of the German government, which favors other groups of residents and entrepreneurs. The fact that German society is in turmoil is also evidenced by the disorder in the streets, which until a few years ago was practically unknown in Bavaria. Now you see garbage, old rags, packaging from cheap alcohol not only in corners, but right on the streets. And all this in a situation where thousands more people, refugees from African and Asian countries, are pouring into the country. But the truth is that Syrians, Turks, Iraqis and also a number of Africans, mostly of the Christian faith, are actively involved in the protests.

Fringe topics?


Which of the top leaders do you have the most confidence in?

voted: 41239 people

Selling and offering prospectuses with Lenin would cause stormy reactions in Bohemia. In Germany, no one reacts to this, because it is said to be a very marginal matter. The AfD is seen by the protesters as a fascist party that has nothing to do with the Easter marches. This finding sparked passionate discussions among the Czech participants as well. There was a lot of discussion about the current state of the PRO movement, when according to many, this group is not active enough and does not satisfy even its rock fans. In the end, several marchers agreed that the issues would be resolved after the election to “prevent another Fial rule”.

Who “dislikes” who

The Germans would also like to end the exposure of grasses. Traffic lights, three-party rule, of which the Greens are clearly the most unpopular. And also Chancellor Scholz, who, according to them, is “a faceless man with zero charisma”. On the one hand, allegedly tolerating the Israeli operation in Gaza, on the other hand, they are still using tactics in the case of the supply of Taurus missiles to the Ukrainian army.

Another unpopular object that arouses resentment and contempt in Germany is French President Macron and his military initiatives in relation to Ukraine. Next to the American establishment, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan are other unpopular foreign politicians. The participants in the marches unequivocally reject the continued existence of NATO.

The blade goes to the tip of the knife

According to the protesters, more and more Germans are demanding a return to diplomatic negotiations, who are afraid of the near future, when “war adventures will really escalate sharply. And at the same time we have so many problems”, states the young protesters, who can no longer be directly labeled as left-wing or centrist.

The nervous situation was accentuated by the omnipresent police accompanying the protest, as well as the intervention units, which, according to many protesters, “show up spectacularly, unlike in previous years, when they were scattered around the city and almost invisible.”

Appeals for pardon and release of Assange showed how stark the differences are between the German and Czech protesters. Even the mainstream media in Germany bring little information about the Easter protests, which have a history of many decades. Unlike us, when in the Czech Republic you would find such information very difficult…

(PHOTO: Václav Fiala)

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