Beekeeping penetrates even into city centers and Prague is no exception. The most industrious are those from the mountains

Beekeeping penetrates even into city centers and Prague is no exception. The most industrious are those from the mountains
Beekeeping penetrates even into city centers and Prague is no exception. The most industrious are those from the mountains

A great life in Prague, St. It may be surprising for laymen, but not for experts. The capital city is very attractive due to the strong diversity of its resources, unlike other localities with monoculture areas. The food is also growing by a lot.

esk union vela registers 4849 velas in 849 places and 667 velas in Prague. The wall is very popular, as they are located in many cities, including the municipality building and shopping centers.

In the center of the city, such a way of conducting business is very attractive, even dangerous, due to the fact that conventional spaces are usually not available at all times. Such a place therefore suits not only many, but judging by the traditions of the good as a result, many also. Even in the city center and within driving distance, there are good opportunities. This always has a positive effect on the state’s condition and income, explains Richard Thnk from the Czech Federation of Vela.

Another advantage is that in large cities, less pesticides and other chemicals from agriculture are added to the honey, as a result of which not only the honey is better, but also the insects are healthier.

Very suitable
Augustin Uvik from the Klub schench is very strict, but remembers that the breed in the city has its own rules. For example, you have to ensure that insects do not die during the swarming season. It is also suitable to choose a mountain type that is small and easy to work with, Uvik described for two. This was the case, for example, when the problems arose at the site of the domestic Mercedes-Benz plant in Chodov.

The potential of large roofs
The first private companies are the ones who contributed to the boom. Velastv has been very popular with our client lately. We will buy them a wall and a garden head, and at the moment, for example, we are managing six large rooms on the street of the department store on Praskmíkov, to Roman Lipovsk, facility manager of the company ABIS, who will deal with the integrated management of buildings. In addition to companies, municipal or state institutions also have powers. You can find walls set up for breeding, for example, in the National Theater decoration warehouse or in the buildings of the State Veterinary Service.

Institutions and companies are aware of the potential of the unused hundreds of vast buildings and want to use it for the location of big years. We always try to appeal to entrepreneurs so that they take time to think about what else and how they have the resources or professional competence for such an activity. If the hunter is not completely sure of his decision, the environment can be helped with other activities, warns Thnk from the Czech vela association.

Metropole is a great place for beginners as well

  • Velastky has a rich past. It was a matter of course to have two for every year.
  • With the suppression of the kingdoms in the past and the gradual extinction of the experienced, many wolves disappeared from the forests. It turns out that Prague, thanks to its convenient location, mild temperature and city park with a rich variety of meadows, is an excellent Velasque region.
  • In 2011, the forests of the capital city of Prague started the project Return the forest to the forest, in the framework of which the organization tries to restore and establish the forest in the forest. Buildings were built in the Kunratic forest or in the locality of the Milovskho forest.
  • The forest of the capital city of Prague offers the general public the opportunity to experience many things. The community headquarters were established in the Prales ecocenter in Kbela and in the Labu pond in the Kunratic forest. You can rent a fully equipped forest with spare attachments and a large production shed. We will prepare a water seed for you for the whole world, and you can attend workshops and excursions with them in Medern, where we will process a lot of products from our forests, Petra Fierov described the project of the community forest of the forest of the capital of Prague. If you are interested in the project, follow the website, where you will find out more information and the full schedule of the project.

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