Non-Dakonics fumble, but the coach gives everyone a chance. He rotates the line-up like in hockey

Non-Dakonics fumble, but the coach gives everyone a chance. He rotates the line-up like in hockey
Non-Dakonics fumble, but the coach gives everyone a chance. He rotates the line-up like in hockey

Although he obviously wants to win, he gives all players a chance. In Sunday’s match, he had a complete team at his disposal after a long time, he rotated the players in a hockey way.

District championship, 15th round –
Goals: 22. Dominik Madzia – 67. Radek Blažek. Referee: A burp. Spectators: 170.

“The boys go to training and they deserve to show themselves in the match,” he knows well.

However, it was not enough to win. Even though Nedakonice took the lead in the 22nd minute after Dominik Madzia’s finish, the visitors equalized the result with a goal by captain Radek Blažek.

“For me, it’s a fair draw,” says Lukůvka.

“The match, which was a battle on both sides, was marked by a huge wind. But it was played correctly, without any insidiousness. We took the lead in the 22nd minute, when Madzia ran after the crossbar and cleared it into the empty goal. In the second half, the picture of the game changed a little. The guests from Sady outplayed us for thirty minutes and created chances and set pieces. Their dominance eventually resulted in an equalizing goal,” he recounts.

The home team took a breather towards the end for a final onslaught. “For the last ten minutes, we tried to change the result to our side, but we didn’t succeed. We had one great opportunity there when the visitors cleared the ball from the goal line. The distribution of points is fair,” Lukůvka repeats.

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The guests from Sady were pleased with the draw. “I would take it before the match, because we were going to the first manchaft of the table, and I take it after the match as well. But we agreed with many people that if someone was going to win, it was us,” said the coach of Slovácko C Roman Svoboda.

His team created more chances than Nedakonice, but they scored from the first serious action.

“Then in the second half, at 1:1, we headed the ball from an empty net. But we had five or six such situations from which we could score a goal,” claims Svoboda.

He praised the trainee for his perfect performance and consistent implementation of tactical instructions. “They were well prepared for the opponent. We knew where the biggest danger was lurking and they managed it perfectly,” Svoboda boasted.

“Compared to last week, it was a completely different game. Football was played on both sides without any insidiousness. We lost the injured Vašek from the lineup, who will be missing for a long time. I’m sorry that no one from Nezdenice contacted us and asked about the health of the player,” added coach Slovácka C.

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