After two years, municipalities in Olomouc receive money from Sberbank


“We already have the money back, so far 95 percent of the amount owed has been returned to us. At that time, we had set aside funds in Sberbank for, for example, the reconstruction of the G club and the town hall. In the meantime, we have prepared the design and now we can start the work itself. The repair of the G club awaits us first in the order,” said mayor Radek Vincour.

The municipality of Lutín had a total of 34 million crowns deposited in a Russian bank. Literally at the last moment, it was possible to transfer the sum of 30 million to an account in another bank, and thus four million were “stuck” in Sberbank.

“It was not pleasant at all, there were also local citizens who blamed us for how we could leave money in such a bank. But no one expected something like that at the time, no one warned the community that there was a risk,” recalled mayor Jakub Chrást.

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The people of Lutín now also have their money back with interest and can think about how they will use it.

“We have big projects planned, so I think we will spend most of the more than four million on investments. We behave responsibly, we always gradually save our finances for larger investment events,” added Jakub Chrást.

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Senice continues to wait

They are still waiting for Hané in Senica to return the money from the bankrupt bank. Two years ago, the municipality lost 45 million, i.e. all the money it had available at the time.

“So far, nothing has been credited to our account. We do not fall under Komerční banka, but directly under the insolvency administrator. We sent all the documents in the second half of March and we assumed that we would have the money available after Easter,” said Mayor Michal Tichý.

April 2022. Sewer construction in the local part of Senice on Hané Cakov, the municipality had a problem with its financing after tens of millions of crowns were blocked in Sberbank.

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Also in Senica na Hané, they have already planned how to deal with the returned amount.

“Half will go to pay off the loan we had to take at the time. We are preparing several projects, for example, a sidewalk and part of the sewer for more than five million. We are also planning to renovate apartments for social housing, which will cost around thirteen million crowns,” the mayor said.

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