The Karlovy Vary region is launching a subsidy program to reduce the number of black game

The Karlovy Vary region is launching a subsidy program to reduce the number of black game
The Karlovy Vary region is launching a subsidy program to reduce the number of black game

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The Karlovy Vary Region has announced a new subsidy program to reduce the number of black game since April. It is intended to help mitigate the damage that wild pigs cause in forests, but also on municipal and private property. Unlike a similar national program, the regional program is aimed more at the hunters themselves, to motivate them to shoot black game, said the deputy governor of the Karlovy Vary region, Karel Jakobec (ODS). He offers 1000 crowns for a shot pig.

“This is a subsidy program that already worked in the region and was subsequently taken over by the state at the national level. However, after years, wild pigs in particular have proliferated again in the region, and therefore their condition needs to be regulated. The regional ‘firearm’ program is in contrast to the state program has been modified and is aimed directly at hunters. The effort is to motivate the hunters themselves with a financial reward, who will help the region with the problem of the overpopulation of black game, and the region will provide them with money from the subsidy program for this,” said deputy for the environment Jakobec.

According to data from the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), the estimated number of black game in the Karlovy Vary Region was 2,424 in March 2023. Pigs have young in the spring and their number increases significantly. They get not only in the vicinity of villages and towns, but also often directly in the streets. The spa forests of Karlovy Vary, for example, are dealing with wild pigs, pigs used to walk the streets of Citic, for example, and they are also common in Sokolov or in the outskirts of Lokte.

From the budget of the Karlovy Vary Region, 800,000 crowns are earmarked for the shooting fee program for the year 2024. The subsidy will be provided based on the capture of at least three black game in one quarter and amounts to 1,000 crowns per wild pig caught in the territory of the Karlovy Vary Region. In one submitted application, the subsidy amounts to 3,000 crowns, and the application can be submitted no more than once per quarter.

It will be possible to submit the first applications from July 1 to 10 this year, and then always after the end of the quarter. An applicant for a regional subsidy can be a natural person with a valid hunting license and hunting permit for the relevant game. Subsidies will be provided for the hunting of wild game in the period from April 1 to December 31, 2024, on hunting and non-hunting lands in the Karlovy Vary Region. The applicant is obliged to properly register the caught piece of wild boar in his user account in the Hunting Registration Portal no later than 12 hours after the catch.


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