Chaos reigned at the school after the dismissal of the principal in Blovice due to bullying. Cantors did not teach


Parents of some children drew attention to the non-standard situation regarding teaching. They also appealed to the city council to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. “Yes, there really were complaints,” confirmed mayor Robert Zelenka (Žijeme Blovice).

The council first dismissed Dagmar Hitková, then temporarily appointed her deputies Petra Sýkorová and Lenka Berglová to lead. The mayor said that the teaching did not take place according to the law, so they asked for immediate correction. “We invited them in a letter to seek redress,” added Zelenka. According to Novinek information, some cantors did not teach or take care of the safety of pupils.

The editors tried repeatedly to contact both representatives. The secretary of the school said that only representatives of the founder, which is the city, communicate with the media.

Appalling bullying at the school in Blovice broke the principal’s neck


The council met again on Tuesday afternoon and appointed new management. Cantor Jolana Rundová will temporarily head the nine-year-old. Her representatives will be Růžena Kohoutová, a longtime former director who retired, and teacher Václava Kopecká. “It will be better if the new management is not burdened with the misconduct for which the director was summoned,” explained councilor Pavel Vlach (Žijeme Blovice). In addition, all three mentioned cantors know the environment well.

Vlach added that they consulted a number of experts on the matter. According to the councillors, the former director Kohoutová is an experienced manager who can stabilize the situation. “She proved that she can lead the school to fulfill its mission according to the law, which means to educate and educate,” he pointed out. He assured that on Tuesday the teaching was already going on without complications. The school board will also open a competition for a new director as soon as possible.

Bullying and a petition against the headmistress

The council dismissed the director due to a serious violation or non-fulfillment of legal obligations arising from her activities, tasks and powers. Hitková did not agree with this procedure. He claims that false reports have appeared in the media and on social networks. She did not even have the opportunity to comment on the conclusions of the Czech School Inspectorate, which evaluated some complaints about bullying as justified. Hitková, who was supported by a significant part of the teaching staff, has not communicated at all since last week.

On the other hand, the parents of the students opposed the director. Some of them spoke at a recent council meeting about bullying. They mentioned that their children experienced psychological pressure, blackmail, had panic attacks, and even ended up on medication. They submitted a petition with over 400 signatures. They requested that Hitková no longer remain in her post because, according to them, she did not resolve the situation in the long term.

Opposition arose after the publication of the case of a 13-year-old girl who was spotted by a trio of classmates and allegedly harmed her for years. “They should have behaved inappropriately towards the injured party, when they humiliated her in various ways and forced her to commit disgusting acts under threats of violence, some of which also had sexual undertones,” state attorney Taťána Ulčová explained to Novinky some time ago.

Appalling bullying at the school in Blovice: Pushing pencils up the ass, putting the trash in the trash


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