Three and a half years in prison. Men hungry for introductions sent the scammer millions


The District Court in Louny sent 21-year-old Vladislav B. to a prison with security for three and a half years for his frauds in the virtual world. He appeared under different female identities on several apps and dating sites and used fictitious stories to get money from trusting people hungry for an acquaintance. Nine injured men sent him a total of approximately 2.2 million crowns based on false claims about paying for their grandmother’s funeral, debt relief, receiving an inheritance or paying rent, some of which he “laundered” through the accounts of his relatives.

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Edita B. was sentenced to two years of probation for the crime of legalizing the proceeds of crime, the court acquitted her of the second charge and stopped the prosecution in the third.

In addition to serving his sentence in prison, Vladislav B. must, according to the court’s judgment, pay damages in the total amount of one and a quarter million crowns. It helped him in court that he confessed to the criminal activity he committed from the end of November 2022 until last February.

“We ranged from two years to eight years. The public prosecutor mentioned the mitigating circumstance of the declaration of guilt. The defense attorney mentioned other extenuating circumstances, previous living of an orderly life and age close to a juvenile. The court could agree with that. However, he did not agree with the fact that an aggravating circumstance should not be taken into account in the amount of the amount that was caused by the crime. If we move in a certain rate, we have to take into account the penalty according to it. Due to the amount exceeding two million, the court could not impose a sentence at the very bottom of the statutory criminal rate as proposed by the defense attorney,” explained the verdict, chairman of the senate Martin Kredba.

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“The security prison is the most lenient prison today,” he added. The judgment also ordered the confiscation of several mobile phones with which Vladislav B. committed the criminal activity. The verdict in his case is not final, he kept the deadline for appeal.

According to the court, Edita B. was guilty of opening an account at the bank in her own name at the request of Vladislav B., for which she subsequently handed all the documentation to the accused and which she allowed him to use independently of her. “A total of 118,000 crowns was sent to the accused’s accounts, the money was used to pay for gambling games, cash was withdrawn from an ATM or used to pay for necessities,” the indictment states.

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According to Martin Kredba, Edita B. could have known that the money came from criminal activities. “That’s why the criminal liability is given there. The amount was larger, that means it was qualified as a crime,” the president of the senate explained. Edita B. appealed the verdict directly in the courtroom.

On the contrary, two other members of the family left the court without punishment. The defendants were guilty of legalizing the proceeds of crime, the amounts that passed through their accounts were small, and one of the defendants did not handle the money at all.

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Source: Diary/Petr Kinšt


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