The army will focus on the physique of the soldiers. Those who do not meet the standards will have a lower salary


The military is changing physical fitness ratings. According to the ministry, up to a quarter of soldiers do not meet or barely meet physical readiness criteria. And the ministry wants to change that. According to him, high physical fitness is a basic prerequisite for military service. Until now, physical fitness in the soldier’s assessment was only marked with the pass/fail fields. It is now supposed to have an evaluation scale, like other service evaluation categories, and can thus affect the soldier’s salary.

“A high level of physical fitness of soldiers is a basic prerequisite for the fulfillment of the tasks of the armed forces of the Czech Republic, and it is therefore desirable to use all motivational tools to maintain it. The current adjustment of service evaluation apparently does not motivate a relatively large group of soldiers to increase their physical fitness. In the long term, approx. 4% of soldiers is unsatisfactory when testing physical fitness, and approximately 21% is only satisfactory. This is about 6,500 soldiers who need to be motivated to increase their physical fitness. The proposed proposal is intended to contribute to greater motivation of professional soldiers to achieve better results in the field of physical training, ” the army justifies the need for changes in the document.

If no state body has objections in the comment procedure, the decree should enter into force in May this year, so that the new service evaluation will already be reflected in this year’s examination of soldiers, which will take place in May and June. Until now, the assessment, which every soldier must pass at least once every two years, had a scale of one hundred points. He will now have 108 points. The service rating for professional soldiers has 5 grades from 0- unsatisfactory to 4- excellent. The physical readiness itself will now be represented by the same scale as during the examination itself, instead of the categories “passed – failed” in the service evaluation, i.e. from the 1st degree of excellent to the 4th degree of unsatisfactory.

Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka (49) supports the good physique of his subordinates. Here during the marathon organized by NATO Battle Group Slovakia.

Chief of the General Staff Karel Řehka (49) supports the good physique of his subordinates. Here during the marathon organized by NATO Battle Group Slovakia. Photo: Army of the Czech Republic

Soldiers’ service ratings have a direct impact on their careers. In the case of high ratings, there is a greater probability of career advancement, sending on missions and other benefits. Performance appraisal is also a direct component of salary. In the case of an excellent or very good rating, the soldier will receive a performance bonus that corresponds to 2% of the service tariff, in the case of a good rating, the soldier will not receive any additional money. In the case of a satisfactory or unsatisfactory assessment, on the other hand, his service tariff is reduced. An unsatisfactory evaluation can then lead to the termination of the employment relationship.

There will still be the possibility of an excuse from the physical readiness part, for example due to health conditions or the impossibility of physically appearing for the physical examination. In that case, the entire test will be recalculated as a percentage without the new category, and the soldier will still be able to receive a full rating.

The army currently has over 23,000 professional soldiers. Everyone must pass entrance physical tests when joining the army. Their difficulty is graded according to age and gender. Soldiers over the age of 50 do not have to fulfill the force components of physical readiness. For female soldiers, the age limit is 46. A professional soldier must obtain at least a good rating. In some branches of the military, such as special forces, they must achieve a higher rank. If a soldier does not achieve at least a good rating for a long time, this may lead to the termination of his service relationship. However, soldiers may receive concessions or exemptions from their superiors due to their position, rank or age.

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