The two biggest motoring highlights for the Czech Republic at the Vacov 2024 Rallyshow


Šumavský Vacov came to life for the third time with motorsport. The tops of Czech motorsport have once again arrived at the local cultural hall. This year’s theme was a comparison of the most famous and hardest race on the planet, the Dakar Rally, with the WRC World Rally Championship races. The Central European Rally, the first such race on Czech territory, is really close to Vacovo. His track also led directly through Vacov.

Rallyshow Vacov 2024 once again attracted many racing car fans.

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There was a lot of interest in “Duck”.Source: Rallyshow VacovTraditionally, several authentic rally and Dakar racing machines were on display, led by the Citroën 2CV aka “duck”. It was brought to Vacovo by Barbora Holická, who completed the Dakar Rally with it for the first time this year, and there was a lot of interest in this special. “It made me happy that there was so much interest in the duck. Everyone was looking at it and asking questions. People joke that it has an engine like an air conditioner, but I’ve heard that many times. When I was leaving, people were standing around, waving and they applauded. Legend next to legend gathered in the Vacov team, and I, as a Dakar beginner, still have a lot to learn among them. For me, it’s another great experience,” said an enthusiastic Barbora Holická after the third Rallyshow.

The biggest applause from the packed cultural hall literally caused goosebumps when the legendary Dakar navigator and local native Josef Kalina arrived. He also said in Vacov that he would like to add one more to his 29 participations in the famous Dakar Rally. “I would like to complete it, but preferably in a sharp racing truck, not in the Classic category like the last time. I can imagine riding on board a fast assistance truck, for example. But I have to wait to see if it will be possible,” added Kalina.

Josef Kalina.Source: Rallyshow VacovThe fans were also entertained by colorful stories from Jaroslav Valtra, who told not only about the hardest marathon stage of this year’s Dakar called “Chrono 48”. There, almost everyone hit rock bottom and spent the night in the desert, as well as behind-the-scenes stories that cannot be heard from any official sources. Vojtěch Štajf spoke not only about the rally and its function at the Central European Rally, but also about the pre-Christmas African Safari Classic Rally, in which his team participated. The long-time competitor also has a start at the Dakar Rally. “In 2009, I drove the Dakar as Aleš Lopraise’s navigator. The interesting feature of this year’s Rallyshow Vacov was that we actually met three navigators who rode with Aleš Lopraise. Josef Kalina, Michal Ernst and I,” pointed out Vojtěch Štajf.

It was Michal Ernst who experienced a serious crash with Aleš Loprais at the crossing during the Dakar Rally 2012. One of the best Czech navigators in Vacov, for example, analyzed the rally schedule and the Dakar roadbook in detail and showed the differences. The heart of the day was clearly Karel Trněny, who arrived unusually wearing sunglasses. “I had an eye surgery planned after the Dakar and I wanted to get it done so that I would be fit before the season started. And just before the Rallyshow, the deadline came up, so I went for it. But I really like it in Vacovo, so I wanted to be here anyway,” explained Karel Trněny.

Rallyshow Vacov 2024 once again attracted many racing car fans.There was also an autograph session.Source: Rallyshow VacovThe whole afternoon was accompanied by a multimedia projection and not only videos from the Dakar Rally and the Central European Rally were shown, but also previously unpublished onboards and photos from both events taken by photographers who were also present at the Vacov Rallyshow. Interest was also confirmed by the number of questions from fans. There was also the popular autograph session and photo wall. “Vacov once again showed that motorsport lives here. Even though it’s a long way from here, I like to come here. People cheer for us here. I enjoy meeting them, having fun and showing that we are completely ordinary guys,” Jaroslav Valtr said with a smile . The guests also brought with them various trophies, for example Josef Kalina showed the winning Dakar Bedouin, which does not happen very often. During the course, Jaroslav Valtra’s navigator – René Kilián – also arrived. He joined the debate with his experience from both the Dakar and the rally.

“I am happy that Vacovo is becoming another motoring bastion in the Czech Republic. According to the feedback, the third year of the Vacov Rallyshow was a success. We wanted everyone to enjoy it again, and I think we succeeded. We also gave away a lot of valuable gifts and put smiles on the faces of everyone who came, and that was the goal. For this, a big thanks goes to the partners of Rallyshow Vacov, without whom we could not make the event the way it is. I look forward to seeing you at the fourth year at the latest,” concluded the third-year Rallyshow organizer Vacov Lukáš Chum.

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Source: Lukáš Chum, Rallyshow Vacov

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