The collision with the truck scrapped the car on D6, the driver miraculously escaped


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The driver who drove his car into the back of a truck on the D6 highway in Kladensk on Wednesday morning can speak of great luck. The impact completely destroyed his car, but the driver was not wedged and even escaped from the terrible-looking accident without serious injuries. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the police.

Consequences of an accident on the D6 highwayVideo: Pavel Jánurek, News


The accident happened shortly before 8 a.m. on the 16th kilometer of the D6 highway near the village of Velká Dobrá.

“For reasons not yet determined, the driver crashed into a truck from behind with a car,” police spokesman Pavel Truxa told Novinkám.

Breath tests were negative for both drivers. According to Truxa, the driver of the passenger car was not wedged in the car and was then taken care of by an ambulance. According to initial information from the police, he did not suffer serious injuries.

Due to the consequences of the collision, the police closed the highway for a while, but after 8 o’clock it was passable in one lane. The circumstances and cause of the accident are still being investigated by the police.

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Consequences of an accident on the D6 highway

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