Indie musician Fink will present his new album – MonsterMusic in Prague

Indie musician Fink will present his new album – MonsterMusic in Prague
Indie musician Fink will present his new album – MonsterMusic in Prague

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The English singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer with the short stage name Fink makes himself known again. His new studio album, which he put together in thirty days with his longtime bandmates, will soon be released. The Czech audience can look forward to a live demonstration of his diverse work already this October, when the musician will play in Prague’s Akropolis Palace.

Cornish musician Fink has a varied musical background, having been a successful DJ and producer in the 1990s and part of the heyday of the Bristol scene. After the turn of the millennium, phenomenal helped Amy Winehouse with the first demo recordings and then with guitar in hand he started his own work. Already with the first record Biscuits for breakfast charmed numerous listeners, and the next part followed almost like on a treadmill. Over time, he enriched his folk and indie rock expression with elements of blues and trip hop. The latest album will bear the name Beauty in Your Wake and the least interesting thing about it is that it was created in the seclusion of an English village in just thirty days.

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The new act will mainly be an introspective ventilation of the inner philosophy of the main protagonist, but apart from that, you can expect a rich musical experience already because Fink even his teammates have shifted genre from folk and indie rock base during the last records. The world already has the first sample, which is a song What Would You Call Yourself. The album will be released 5th of July and the Czech audience will also be able to judge its live form. It will happen October 14, 2024 in Acropolis Palaces in Prague’s Žižkov. A New Zealand multi-instrumentalist will appear as a guest Finnegan Tui. Tickets are available from vendors Go Out and Ticketmaster as well as on the company’s website Fource.

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