The end of the 8th round was decided by the final ten minutes

The end of the 8th round was decided by the final ten minutes
The end of the 8th round was decided by the final ten minutes

After a hard-fought advance to the preliminary round of the play-off, in the playoff of the 8th round of the extension against Písek, the key pillars of the basketball players of BK REDSTONE Olomouc could at least partially impress. Amin Adamu and Adrio Bailey were left out of the starting line-up, Jase Townsend was completely absent from the line-up. The home team rejoiced at the 96:88 win when they broke the even course in the last quarter.

At the beginning, they gained a home lead of eight points, only then did Olomouc assert itself and began to withdraw its loss. At the end of the 8th minute, Olborta even took the lead 20:21 for a while, but then conceded nine points in a row and lost the first quarter 23:29, when Adamu converted his shot at the same time as the horn.

The scorers on both sides were also active in the second quarter. After a series of threes, the Hornets jumped to 42:30, BK REDSTONE players then added and reduced the score to 44:45 in the 19th minute, when nine points in a row led offensive Adamu. At the end of the half, the visitors let up in defense, but after twenty minutes they were losing by an acceptable margin of 47:51.

The Písek players wanted to say goodbye to the fans with a win in their last home game, and thanks to an enormous effort, they clawed their way to a 65:51 result in the 24th minute. The Hanáci responded with nine points in a row and really threw Sršné with it. The guests took advantage of this to make it 71:71 after the third ten-minute period.

At the beginning of the last act, the home team quickly built up a lead of seven points, and it was this passage that decided the winner. Olomouc erased its loss to a difference of three points, but the Sršni were able to counter and in the end secured the win.

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