Prague 9 will deploy crime prevention assistants on the streets PRAGUE 9 | News

Prague 9 will deploy crime prevention assistants on the streets PRAGUE 9 | News
Prague 9 will deploy crime prevention assistants on the streets PRAGUE 9 | News

There are several problem areas in the Prague 9 district, where maladaptive citizens disrupt order and annoy others. One such place is the park on Náměstí OSN near the town hall.

“They sit here on the benches drunk, they drink alcohol, they allegedly shout at passers-by, and I understand that it is not entirely comfortable for those passers-by, so we agreed with the city police to increase patrolling, which should start around mid-April and May and at the same time we asked the Crime Prevention Program and the Ministry of the Interior for crime prevention assistants,” said Adam Vážanský (ODS) – Deputy Mayor of Prague 9.

Dívetka believes that it will get the necessary funding and therefore has already announced a selection process, where several interesting applicants have already applied.

“They will have the same powers as any other citizen, that means extreme emergency, necessary defense, possibly arresting the perpetrator, but they should mainly act preventively, that means that if someone is sitting here and people are afraid to walk around, they will know that there is someone here who will possibly help them or call the police, but they should also influence those people and explain to them that they may be violating some ordinances here,” said Adam Vážanský (ODS) – deputy mayor of Prague 9.

The goal is for the assistants to include people who know the issues of the community.

“Of course, they must meet the criteria set by law and then they must also have a mentor, in our case it will be a mentor from the Police of the Czech Republic. Those people will have to be equipped according to the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior with some kind of uniform, signs and so on, it will not be easy , it is not particularly financially valued, but I believe that we will be able to start the project, because we perceive that it is needed,” said Adam Vážanský (ODS) – deputy mayor of Prague 9.

Several assistants of Ukrainian nationality should be added to these assistants. They will focus on the refugee community in Prague 9.

“But so far no one has applied to us in the selection process, so I would ask, for example, if these people watch your TV, that someone would apply to us, ideally a former Ukrainian policeman or policewoman, in short, someone who knows how to work with their compatriots, because we understand that sometimes the culture is different, we have problems at Hořejší rybník when spring starts, so they go out to grill, make fires and disturb the residents there,” said Adam Vážanský (ODS) – deputy mayor of Prague 9 municipal council.

Prague 9 has a crime map from the Police of the Czech Republic, from which it selects problematic places where it would be appropriate to deploy crime prevention assistants. These include, for example, the Friendship Park, the park in front of the Vysočany Polyclinic and, recently, the park in Malletova Street in Nové Vysočany, where the day center ended and the homeless settled in this very park, and the locals have already started complaining about them.

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