A five-day festival with theater and concerts for the public began in Most


The PřeMostění theater festival began in Most on Wednesday, April 3, with a performance of slam poetry with well-known performers Anatole Svahilec, Tukan and other action poets. The event, unique in the region, is a showcase of the varied creations of amateur theater groups and offers the general public an accompanying program including concerts.

The theater festival PřeMostění began with a performance of slam poetry at the FL Gassmann ZUŠ in Most.

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Most of the events will take place in the large hall of the partner ZUŠ FL Gassmann. The ticket costs 80 crowns for students, seniors and the disabled, 120 crowns for adults. The fourteenth year of the festival will end on Sunday, March 7. The organizer is the Odevšad Theater Association.

“The preparation takes a whole year,” said Pavel Skála, the founder of the festival and theater teacher from Mostek. The program also includes three-day seminars with industry experts. Renowned lecturers and artists Braňo Mazúch, Veronika Vaculíková and Václav Zimmermann will come to Most for the festival, who will provide the ensembles with valuable advice and feedback for their further work. Festival groups can advance from PřeMostění to, for example, the national shows Divadelní Piknik in Volyn and Mladá scéna in Ústí nad Orlicí.

The event was attended by the Governor of the Ústí Region, Jan Schiller.

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The organizers of the Mostek festival have also prepared a guided walk around the city. “Most is a beautiful city that we want to present to the participants and point out that not everything that is said is true,” they pointed out, adding that Most also has the residential district of Zahražany, a relocated church and is one of the greenest cities in the republic with a huge park in the middle.

Among other things, the local group Divadlo Brambůrky will play at the festival, which has already sold out the hall of the Variety Theater on Saturday. Volunteers from Prague or Mělník will also perform at the ZUŠ, and the Studio Fokus ensemble will arrive from Turnov, in which people with disabilities play.

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The opening Wednesday was reserved for school trips in the morning, and in the evening, for example, a public discussion on the topic of Mostec’s cultural life and enjoyment. On Friday evening, there will be a concert by the experimental rap band Past in the ZUŠ hall, and on Saturday the band Vasilův Rubáš will play. The entire program is here: https://premosteni.eu

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Source: Diary/Martin Vokurka


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