He broke into vehicles – Police of the Czech Republic

He broke into vehicles – Police of the Czech Republic
He broke into vehicles – Police of the Czech Republic

UHERSKOHRADIŠTSKO: He managed to leave with one.

Criminal investigators managed to clarify the case of serial thefts by burglary that took place in the Uherskohradišť region in the past months.

The 40-year-old man, who is unknown to the police thanks to his colorful criminal past, committed at least a dozen property crimes from October last year to March of this year. It was mainly about breaking into vehicles and various objects. For example, during a burglary in a maringotka in one of the municipalities in the Uherskohradišť region, he stole tools, accumulators and transformers worth almost fifty thousand crowns. He also broke into several vehicles in Uherskobrodsk. In all cases, he was interested in Škoda vehicles with an older production date. In the last attempt, he managed to steal the parked Škoda Favorit and drive away, but not for long. After a few days, the police caught him behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle. During the check, the police officers also discovered that he had a valid driving ban.

The recidivist, who is now in custody, faces up to three years behind bars for the crimes of theft, trespassing, unauthorized use of another’s property and obstructing the execution of an official decision.

April 3, 2024, Lt. Radomír Šiška, DiS.

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