Survivor Czech Republic & Slovakia: Great respect for Nikola


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Kristýna persuades Tomáš to be careful what he says. They fear that the security of the game, which is given to them by an undisturbed long-term alliance, also has a major disadvantage. Once the tribes are united, it’s easy to find them dueling against each other to break the power they have as a pair.

At Hunters

Verča once again confirms to Jana that she cannot be trusted at all. Together with Nikola, they are already a little tired of her company. She doesn’t even believe that Bandurko found another clue to the hidden immunity, which is still to be found in the form of two halves on their island. Her information was not backed up with any details to give them credibility.

Radek and Jack often discuss strategy together. Radek doesn’t have many options, so he sees in Jack at least one person who could serve him in some way in the game.

At the Titans

Yenifer hasn’t shown herself much lately, but she notices things around her, so it didn’t escape her notice that Kristýna and Tomáš are often standing somewhere with Iva, and she’s a little worried that they’re no longer as honest with her as they originally promised. She also doesn’t like the fact that the entire tribe already knows about her gaming advantage, but she admits that she was a little out of her depth when she let the information out. She is concerned that her advantage has suddenly become tribal.

Perhaps the only thing the tribe can agree on is the need to get rid of Bandurko for the merger. He will appear to them as a great speculator. And they probably understood that he is unpredictable.

Martin and Yenifer somehow cannot agree on cooperation. Martin bluntly told her that she was unreliable and that he couldn’t trust her. This pissed her off because she had saved his neck so many times! In the end, Yenifer decided that he was out of line and didn’t appreciate her taking care of not only him, but the entire tribe.

The battle for tribal and individual immunity

battle for tribal immunity – Hunters | Source: TV Nova

Any fight where there is no parkour is a welcome change. This time the pairs held the cube only with their feet facing each other. Pirate and Yenifer took a break this time. All three pairs of Titans fell away. Thus, the Pirate’s plan came true and the Hunters won the fight three times in a row.

The fight for individual immunity with balancing a ball on a platform was the best for Tomáš.

Tribal council

While Mickey is having fun with the Hunters by making a fake hidden immunity and hoping that Veronika will find it, the Titans are making plans for a duel.

Kristýna and Tomáš are clear that they will send Bandurko to the duel. However, they are unable to agree on the second candidate. Kristýna thinks that Iva could be useful to them as an ally in the future, and it is not difficult to guess who she would like to send against Bandurko. Tomáš sees it differently and wants to keep Yenifer because of her advantage. He foolishly thinks that he will be able to talk her into using it next time to save the tribe. On the contrary, he thinks about Iva that after the merger she will return to her strong alliance with the Pirate, and therefore it would be better to get rid of her.

The tribal council itself was supposed to be surprising and very interesting, but it was more like the Pirate and Nikola left a bad taste after it and they did not understand at all why Iva acted so strangely. They both sensed that she was vulnerable in her new environment with the Titans and offered her their halves of immunity. But she rejected it because she decided to play the game her way. Immunity thus lapsed without anyone benefiting from it.

The tribe announced Bandurka and Tomáš of course chose Iva for the duel, for whom the game was over.

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