It’s here again! National artist. The government stamp is back


24/04/2024 22:05 | Monitoring

Lawyer and Brno politician Robert Kotzian reacted to the fact that Petr Fiala’s cabinet (ODS) today approved the status of an artist and will send up to 126 million crowns annually to people from the cultural sector on his social profile on the X network. “National artists are back,” he glosses.


Hana Brožková

Description: Cultural professionals demanded the introduction of the status of male and female artists into Czech legislation

At its meeting today, the government approved the conditions under which people working in the cultural sphere will be able to apply for artist status. The amendment to the law is mainly intended to help freelancers. Support for artists should cost 126 million crowns annually.


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“The proposed definition of a state-recognized artist is ‘a natural person performing an artistic activity, a creative activity or an activity directly related to an artistic activity’.” Thus, an artist is supposed to be, rather unexpectedly, a person performing an artistic activity. And now, who and how will judge where the border is between artistic activity and non-artistic activity?” comments Robert Kotzian on the proposal.

“If I exhibit piles of clutter for a set period of time (24 months in the last three years) and claim it’s art, will I be able to become a State Artist? Like, for example, these female artists,” she points out a specific kind of “art” Kotzian.

“It is proposed to introduce a state register of artists. And all this so that we can subsidize them… And which businesses will be subsidized next?” he asks in conclusion.

The necessity of legislative introduction of artist status has been discussed since the covid-19 pandemic, when state measures significantly limited the possibility of artistic production. The amendment could apply from January 1 next year.

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author: Vanda Efnerová

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