A drunk Prague policewoman will apparently not be punished for attacking girls on the street


What she could have done on the fateful night of February 17 is still being solved by the General Inspection of the Security Forces (GIBS). According to Novinek information from a reliable source, investigators are now deciding between two options.

“For this policewoman, it’s on the edge between a criminal offense and a disciplinary offense. She could theoretically be guilty of aiding and abetting a crime. But it looks more like disciplinary proceedings that will be conducted with her by her superiors,” said a Novinek source familiar with the case.

Rumor has it that an aggressive plainclothes policewoman who slapped one of the young women for no reason in a bar and then even knelt down on another girl on the street will probably only lose part of her salary as a punishment.

According to the server Blesk.cz, her colleagues from the called patrol subsequently measured 1.6 per thousand of alcohol in her blood.

A drunken policeman in a ceremonial uniform dragged a girl by her hair on the street in Prague

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However, it is likely to remain in service. After all, she is still in it now, working as a traffic police officer at a local department of the Prague I Police. On the contrary, in the case of the main aggressor, her boyfriend, the superior has already decided to relieve him of his duty. According to iRozhlas.cz, the man, who is supposed to stay at home with half his salary until the case is resolved, appealed against it. It is said that he does not like that he has to stay close to his permanent residence until the case is closed.

Nothing will happen without an inspection

“The policewoman did not escape without any punishment. We are still waiting about a month and a half for the conclusion of GIBS, which continues to be the case. Either the inspection comes with the fact that the policewoman committed a crime, or if she committed a misdemeanor, or if she did not commit anything. Until then, he remains on duty,” Prague police spokesman Jan Daněk said on Wednesday.

When Novinek asked why the woman, unlike her partner, had not yet been taken off duty by her superiors, the spokesperson replied: “Because we do not yet have information from GIBS that she should or should not have committed something.” We have to base it on the conclusions of the inspection.”

According to Daňko, her boyfriend ended up off duty precisely on the basis of knowledge and documents that the police superiors received from GIBS. According to Novinek, the inspectorate suspects him of committing several crimes. There is talk of disorderly conduct, but abuse of the authority of an official is also not ruled out, because in a ceremonial uniform he tried to pacify one of the girls in a drunken state (2.6 per thousand), while shouting “in the name of the law”.

Up to eight years for grievous bodily harm

Above all, however, this aggressor is suspected of intentionally causing bodily harm and causing serious harm to a nineteen-year-old girl who was attacked on the street with her friend. For this, if prosecuted and convicted, he would face two to eight years in prison. And according to two independent sources of Novinek, the inspection really intends to charge him with this crime soon, even on the basis of an expert opinion.

Arresting a drunk, aggressive police officer in a Prague bar: It started with a lesbian fight

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The girl suffered a broken leg, she even had to undergo surgery, it is said that she has screws in her injured ankle, and her healing time exceeded six weeks. At the same time, this is an essential indicator for GIBS as to whether the perpetrator has caused serious harm to health by his actions. In this case, it seems to have happened.

An almost minute-long video of the attack on this girl on the street in front of the bar has become public, recorded by another of the injured young women. The policeman, with the help of his girlfriend, dragged the girl along the ground, and they both gradually knelt on her. However, the attack continued even after the phone was switched off. When the young woman tried to get up, the policeman attacked her one more time, knocked her down again, and that’s when she broke her ankle, according to Novinek’s source.

According to one of the injured girls, the policeman and his girlfriend physically assaulted at least seven people, five young women and two security guards. The aforementioned girl suffered serious injuries on the street, while the others, according to Novinek’s source, only suffered bruises.

A drunken police officer may face a higher penalty. The injury to one of the girls is more serious

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