The two baby gorillas at the Prague Zoo are amazing. Mobi is driven, the smaller one is borrowed


The relations between the gorilla groups in the Dja Reserve, which is located near the entrance to the zoo near the Prague Zoo Sklenka bus stop (lines 234, 235 and 236), are closely intertwined. Gorilla female Kijivu, the mother of the two-week-old cub, is also the grandmother of the female Duni, as well as the great-grandmother of the female Mobi, who is slowly getting up on her feet.

According to the head breeder, the gorillas have always been calm and relaxed in the gorilla pavilion since the birth of Kijiva. Since he is five years old, she has taken perfect care of him since the beginning, she helped him with the baby, rubbed him and straightened his head. Duni, although she had to drink a billion, but she had to touch it first. Martin Vojek describes Kijiva u pesn v, co dl. It turns out that she took Kijiva where she once ended up with Nuru (he shared the pavilion with the male Richard). And it doesn’t matter at all that he is celebrating his 12th birthday this year, he added.

As in every family with children, living with gorillas means there is something to observe, which is a big attraction for newcomers to the Prague Zoo. In person, the best way to catch the entire gorilla group in the Dja Reserve pavilion is at feeding time, i.e. at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. Understandably, the group with the hammers will go out only then, and there will be really warm and stable weather.

A water video and a rich photo gallery also reveals the diametrically different approach in five billion in the quintuple mother Kijiva and firstborn Duni. A Kijiva female gives birth to her offspring almost two weeks after giving birth, and calls her half-sister Shind to look at it and bury it. Duni did not give her breastfed and pus-filled baby girl Mobi, born on January 2, to anyone.

Duni just goes along with the other females, building a bond as strong as Kijivu’s with Shinda, who has shared his life since birth. They were born together in Holland, then traveled together to Australia and finally to Prague, they have seen a lot together. That’s why Kijivu can afford to drink his tiny billion Shind. And she even tried to breastfeed him, Martin Vojek reveals, that Shinda, in the role of a nurse, instinctively tries to feed Kijivu.

And the father threshing? According to an experienced breeder, the Kisumu stbrohbet male breeds dogs as they should behave. Monitors the situation, if there is a sense of imminent danger, then threaten. But it does not interfere with the threshing floor. As soon as she was born, she had to take a look at them, notes Martin Vojek.

Tm tymsn Mobi is growing teeth

The mobi will slowly be those months, and so he has a longer life and expands his field of competence. The breeder first discovered six million teeth, so he slowly grinded and sucked the teeth and their ring, as long as he did not swallow them. They try to shove and taste everything in Mobi’s mouth: the rope, me, mom’s foot, a piece of salt that falls to mom, the breeder explains, saying that this is normal when the baby’s teeth grow. So everything is as it should be.

The firstborn Duni did not let go of little Mobi and took care of her very carefully. You can, for example, catch them practicing like this.

Mobi starts to toddle and stand on his back, climb and climb and pull himself up on ropes. Keep it safe under mom’s supervision.

And according to the assumptions, Mobi gradually tries to stand on its feet, even if it only stays on them for a while, it does not return to the ground again. Even the toddler is spinning, then with the help of his mother/trainer Duni, who supports him with her arm. He’s trying to catch ropes and ropes. To the joy of the breeder, he appears healthy for his age.

An eleven-year-old female Duni mated with a female Mobi a week after giving birth, which YouTuber Kovy honoredasn matesk multitasking.

Eleven-year-old female Duni is currently the closest park for eight-year-old male Ajabu (son of female Shinda), so they spend a lot of time together. Even you, Mobi was born. And Ajabu, no doubt, cannot be done, and Mobi will grow; You both react to each other.

As a true adolescent gorilla, Ajabu naturally shows interest in the newly born baby, which, according to preliminary observations, is particularly female. Ajabu, don’t miss a single fault just for a fleeting touch, especially, we can’t help but at least try it. These are the situations where the Kisumu male can’t intervene if he feels that Ajabu dor is peeing on the female and pushing his boundaries. In that case, Kisumu couldn’t match him.

Every day at the zoo, a new gorilla’s finger is touched on the cheeks. While the name Mobi was proposed by Cameroonians and in the Finnish voice shadow, the billion female of Kyiv will name the world primatologist and market protector Jane Goodallov. The graduation ceremony will take place on May 11 at 11 a.m.

In collaboration with the Czech University of Agriculture, the Prague Zoo organizes a public presentation of this legendary English magazine, information on registration will soon be available on the website and social media pages of the Prague Zoo.

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