Blood curdling: Power outages, darkness, hunger, looting. Scenario for the Czechia

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What might this winter look like in an “energy crisis” in a big city? Štěpán Kotrba presents an ugly picture of a broken world, in which the question of whether you will wear a sweater against Putin is the very last one.

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Description: Riots in the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice


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Today, when the word “energy crisis” is spoken, many cannot imagine what it means and console themselves by taking a sweater against the winter. Analyst Štěpán Kotrba therefore decided to make it clear to people what actually awaits them in the event of an electricity or gas failure.

Due to simple physics, an acute shortage of gas is associated with a drop in pressure in the pipeline. Because of this, the gas must be shut off for safety reasons. Subsequent pressurization must be accompanied by venting of the entire line to prevent an explosion of the gas and air mixture.

As Kotrba points out, during repairs at street level, such pressurization takes perhaps a whole day. So far, there is no experience at all that this operation would need to be carried out all at once in the entire million-strong city.

So a gas outage with an unclear forecast length is more likely than we think. Electric heaters and electric radiators appear to be the most affordable alternatives. Even if there will be enough electricity, transformer failures and local blackouts can occur in the case of an extreme increase in consumption.

“This is an even worse process, because without realizing it, we are vitally dependent on the electricity grid. We do not have granaries or cold cellars with stored permanent and canned food. Often we don’t even know how to bake bread,” notes Kotrba. The first danger comes with the defrosting of refrigerators and freezers, which can very quickly make food inedible.

In addition to technical complications, we can also face social problems. The shortage brings an increase in aggression and physical attacks in an attempt to appropriate foreign resources. They are always carried out by prepared and armed people against unprepared and usually unarmed people. In this way, we can once again become familiar with the phenomena of looting or robbing apartments.

And we have not yet taken into account the fact that the food supply chain can completely collapse.

A power outage will also mean the impossibility of pumping and purifying water or a malfunctioning petrol pump, where the pumps run on electricity and few have their own generator.

“Almost nobody has gas reserves. Almost no one has a gasoline generator to power the household, solar chargers may power a mobile phone on a trip, but not a refrigerator. Stocks of non-rechargeable monocells will run out quickly,” warns Kotrba.

We won’t be able to charge our phones or flashlights, not even our radios. And thus we will be completely cut off from communication with the world. We don’t even shine in the dark.

“The fifth danger is cold, thirst and hunger. He drives the wolves out of the woods. Until now, those wolves lived among us,” concluded Kotrba, enumerating the potential risks of this winter.

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