The new owner of the Brno Zoo is invited to bet on the well-being, the editor of the enclosure

The new owner of the Brno Zoo is invited to bet on the well-being, the editor of the enclosure
The new owner of the Brno Zoo is invited to bet on the well-being, the editor of the enclosure

It was 1997, when Martin Hovorka sat down on the editor’s chair at the Brno Zoo. Even when she swayed under him several times during that time, he always managed to keep her close to him. And to the city council of Brno councillors.

Hoverka, he just tried again for the post of fa zoo, he ended up in the final round and in the third, i.e. last, place. Immediately afterwards, he repeated his two words about the fact that the Brno leadership wanted to get rid of him.

In addition, I do not agree with this experiment of exchanging pensioners for pensioners, Hovorek pointed out the fact that his successor will be five years old.

It’s not the only bird from his side. Mr. Dungelov has never worked in a similar institution. I had a chosen successor, I gradually raised him. He is a hunter who, at the age of ten, found another zoo in the Czech Republic, but he didn’t have the necessary pedagogical training, which is needed in Brno at the editor’s office, Hovorka pointed out.

During his long years, it was possible to modernize and build several pavilions and more villages. On the contrary, the construction of the new entrance and the planned cable car did not catch up.

The deputy prime minister, Petr Hladk (KDU-SL), under whom there is a 10-percent decrease in unemployment, rejected everything. According to him, the view of the commission, I was sitting on, was clear to all members. Mr. Dungel’s concept appealed to us mostly from the point of view of the development of the welfare of the guests, i.e. their well-being, said Hladk.

This concept focuses on comfort in all situations and on the empathic approach of the breeder so that the guests feel as little stress as possible. Thus, there will be an invitation to invite the introvert involved in the breeding, when the employees will try to explain or show people how it is about the invitation and what is involved, the minister added.

I see the debt is called for protection, to the editor

Dungelov has been promising himself since his death that people will not see the zoo only as an attraction, he has also started to work and invite a group of employees. It is the thing that reduces the stress of calling when, for example, we have routine medical procedures. This is why we would like to not only learn this from all species, but also make it clear to new people, she said.

As a new woman, she wants to keep her previous duties, when she communicated with zoos abroad and their associations. Others perceive it as a primary editor’s wheel, to feed stimuli and ideas from elsewhere.

It is necessary to see that zoos develop very quickly into protective institutions. I think we have a little debt to this trend in Brno, I Dungelov, they are so happy to travel and take pictures of wildlife in their natural environment, not in the South American jungle.

First there, with her husband, a young savage named Jan Dungel, she traveled several times in the company of the local Indian tribes to the most desolate cities of the Amazon. The traveler and co-author of several books, in her new position, one of the first steps she wants to take is the organizational structure of the entire zoo. From the point of view of the development strategy, it will be necessary to pay attention to it, she shared.

And will there be a new editor in the zoo as well? At the bottom, there was still no big push. I love animals, of course, but I probably don’t have a single favorite species in the zoo. Mm rda are the ones that can be behaved in a natural environment, and they are so satisfied, said Dungelov.

In the context of societal changes, such as climate, there is a need to explain the whole context. Therefore, do not imagine that there will be an exhibition for a pollinator, i.e. something that people may not realize how important the product is, added Dungelov.

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