They made a modern apartment out of an old block of flats, with retro elements in it

These problems mean a lot of limitations, including limited access to load-bearing structures. During the construction of the panel apartment in Brno, the architects tried to correct its apparent shortcomings. The original available 3 + 1 additionally functional and operationally modified into a comfortable 2 + kk with open space.

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We decided to bleed and revive the original ceiling structure. Otherwise, during a classic reconstruction, these would probably be hidden in the installed ceiling, because the unevenness and folds of the panels were so great that they could not be accommodated even in the frame of the new plaster, noted architect Kateina Horych.

It connects and unifies the entire interior

In the room, the view in the lighted openings between the rooms and the surface of the ceiling connects and unifies the entire interior. Don’t let this rmec stand out as a familiar cable guide. The lighting is minimalistic, combining central lighting led panels with smaller ambient spotlights.

The architects removed the original umakart core, the bathroom was converted to the bark of the original corridor. Thanks to this, they placed not only a bathtub, but also a shower. A ceiling light with sliding glass, allowing ventilation and moisture removal, illuminates the bathroom along its entire length.

Open living space

The load-bearing concrete block between the rooms was removed, creating a large open living space with a kitchen niche in the newly created opening in the panel. On the contrary, the lonice is separated from the rest of society and there is a new transition to the opposite side of the disposition.

For the new surfaces, we used seamless cement grout in the same color scheme as the ceiling panels. Instead of classic tiling, the whole bathroom is made in Strka. Parquet floors were renovated and added in the living quarters, the architects added.

The investor’s request was to preserve and renovate some pieces of the original furniture and supplement them with the addition of kitchens and lounge areas. The architects chose a neutral white composition, which helps the airiness of the interior and, on its basis, provides enough space for a cheerful color combination of iconic pieces of retro furniture.

Dobov materil akulit

For the new elements of the building, we decided to locally use the original materials of the aculite period and transform it into a new context. We used wooden panels, combining two, for example, as an insert for a skirt, in several ways. The niche in the kitchen is used as a variable position of the shelves to any height, while in the windowless attic, the perforation of the door creates a natural airiness, note the architects.

In the toilet, instead of classically ventilated flour, behind the panel from the acuity is hidden the air duct of the forced ventilation. In fact, this material is a playful minimalist decor.

Lonice is separated from the rest of the community and there is a new passage on the other side of the layout.

About the author

Ing. arch. Kateina Horych graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at BUT in Brno. During her studies, she completed an internship at the Pinna Viardo architectural office in Genoa, Italy, and honed her knowledge of passive houses in the Viza studio. After a round and practice in Brno offices (Kuba Pila architekti, atx architekti, Velek Velkov Velek), she founded her own studio Atel!er in 2020.

From 2021, he is an authorized member of the Czech Chamber of Architects. Atel!er is a creative office in the field of architecture and interior design, currently dealing with residential buildings, renovations and interiors in private, commercial and public spaces.

A view of the kitchens

Technical data

Author: Ing. arch. Kateina Horych

Colleagues: Ing. Acad. arch. Jan Velek, Ing. Petr Duch

City: Brno

Project: 20182019, completed 2020

More interesting news can be found in the magazine Bydlen between panels.

The article is in Czech

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