In France, 32 decommissioned nuclear reactors will be put into operation by winter

For technical reasons or due to maintenance, 32 of EDF’s 56 reactors are currently not working.

According to the minister, the current shutdown of more than half of the reactors was planned so that the equipment could be inspected and prepared for the main winter season. According to the minister, the government meets with EDF management every week and checks compliance with the agreed schedule. During the shutdown, France takes electricity from power plants in Bavaria, which complicates the situation on the German energy market.

Britain is preparing “thermal oases” for the winter for those who cannot stay warm at home


“The government has been expecting this situation for several months. We have secured gas supplies, the reservoirs are 92 percent full,” said the minister after the meeting of the Council for Defense and National Energy Security.

Voluntary measures taken by individuals are the basis of energy savings, according to BFM TV Pannierová-Runacherová. She mentioned heating to a lower temperature or consistent extinguishing. However, according to her, moderation does not require companies to limit production. According to the minister, the savings ordered by the government could only come in response to unexpected events.

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