OICT: Data from meters for remote reading monitor energy costs in Prague

03/09/2022 13:20 | Press Release

The municipal company Operátor ICT (OICT) will ensure the continued operation of the remote reading technology for heat, electricity, gas and water consumption for Prague. Prague thus obtains an ongoing overview of energy and water consumption.

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Data from the meters will be simultaneously collected and managed by the OICT for their analysis, which will reveal deviations in consumption from the standard. This follows from the contract, which was approved by the Prague councilors at Monday’s meeting.

The provision of remote energy and water consumption reading services is a continuation of the two-year pilot project “Complex energy management in HMP buildings using energy management”. This was completed this spring and successfully verified the use of remote reading technology in the conditions of municipal buildings. In the course of the project, a sample of two dozen buildings identified, among other things, several opportunities to adjust the contracted energy parameters, which ultimately led to a total annual saving of almost 700 thousand crowns.


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OICT will further ensure data collection from installed meters, database operation and data analysis. Thanks to this, both the city management and especially the building managers will have continuous control over the consumption of energy and water. The capital city of Prague will be able to use the results of the measurements for the further development of the introduction of energy management in its buildings and provide its know-how in this area to the city districts if interested.

“OICT has extensive experience with projects focused on energy management and shares knowledge from their implementation. Very high-quality data is obtained through the operation of the technology of remote reading of energy and water consumption. On their basis, consumer behavior can then be objectively adjusted and energy costs saved, which is one of the key measures during the energy crisis. The regular monitoring of energy and water consumption and the subsequent management of consumption, i.e. the implementation of energy management, will be facilitated by the clear and illustrative graphic outputs that we have created above the data base. Deviations from the normal state will be visible at first glance,” says OICT CEO Tomáš Barczi.

Building managers can monitor hourly graphs of energy and water usage to accurately assess why particular energy usage is occurring and analyze anomalies against normal. “They can almost immediately identify possible water leaks, optimize electricity consumption and heat production efficiency for heating and domestic hot water. “Regular evaluation of energy and water consumption, especially at the present time, is also an opportunity to adjust contracted energy parameters such as the daily reserved gas capacity, distribution rate, reserved electricity capacity,” explains Stanislav Krňák, who deals with energy management projects at the OICT.

Technology for the remote collection of data from billing and secondary energy and water consumption meters, as well as technology for the collection of temperature data, already works in twenty-one properties of ten organizations that are being established by the HMP: School of Automotive and Informatics, Weilova; Gymnasium Na Vítezné plani; City of Music School Prague; Jedličk Institute and Kindergarten and Primary School and Secondary School in Prague 2; Observatory and planetarium hl. City of Prague, City Museum Prague; Home for the elderly Eliška Purkyňová; Home for the elderly Malešice; Home for the elderly Chodov.

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