Futsal players in Chrudim did their best. However, they did not prevent another heavy loss

The Hanaks really failed to get off to a good start against the fifteen-time champion. In the first minute, Martin Doša and Everton scored a goal, in the sixth minute Pavel Drozd added a third strike, and in the sixteenth minute the same player made it 4:0. However, the first half did not end with this score. Eight seconds before its end, Lukáš Kočiš corrected it.

“We went into break situations several times and twice went to the goalkeeper alone. But then we got two more goals. Moments before the half, however, we reduced the score to 1:4 and it looked very favorable for us,” continued the playing coach of the University in a satisfied voice.

A very important fight awaits Sigma. In Ďolíček, he will face the last Pardubice

After the change of sides, Pavel Drozd completed a hat trick, Everton scored the second and third goals, Doša and David Drozd also scored the second goal, and Capinha also scored once.

“The second half went at a similar pace as the first. Chrudim gradually showed its quality and scored some goals for us. However, up to 1:7, our game still endured certain parameters. Towards the end, however, we ran out of energy and conceded three cheap goals. I rate the overall performance positively. It can be such a springboard for us,” Janečka says with hope in her voice.

“This should be the last match when the team was still formed. It was also for work, football or health reasons. Next week against Pilsen, we should be complete. I have been promised that everyone should play now,” he added.

A completely different sport

The Olomouc futsal players have thus completed their first two matches in the top competition on the pitches of two huge favorites whose ranks are made up of purely professionals. Both these matches had the same result, namely 1:11. However, coach Janeček tries to always look for positives in things.

“We are finally experiencing futsal in its full beauty. We get into completely different match situations than in the second league. It was a complete shock for us at Sparta, but now we are getting used to it a bit. The second league is a completely different sport compared to the first. But I believe that over time we can become competitive,” he explains.

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We want to build on quality tactical performance

In the third round, he and his charges will show themselves to the home fans for the first time. On Friday, September 9, Hanáci will welcome another extremely strong opponent in the UP hall in Olomouc. it will be none other than the acting vice-champion from Pilsen.

“We want to build on the tactical performance from Chrudim. Something like that should suit us against this top Czech. Furthermore, we want to speed up the rotation a bit and try to score some goals,” he believes.

SK Bělkovice-Lašťany - Sokol Kovalovice, Marek Vinkler (in green)

Doctor Vinkler (not only) puts football players to sleep, then bets goals. Last time he scored a hat trick

We want to progress through Baník

Outside of the league, Olomouc also has a domestic cup. In this, on Monday, September 12, they will meet in Ostrava with their second league rival from last year – Baník.

“We definitely want to advance. In addition, Baník tries to play in a style similar to the teams from the 1st league, so even from this point of view, it will be a good preparation for us for the next league matches. The main goal, of course, remains advancement,” he declares confidently.

And what are the cup ambitions of the University students? “It will depend a lot on the opponents. If everything came together, the semi-finals would be a really huge success. But it will be difficult,” concluded Martin Janečka.

FK Chrudim – SKUP Futsal Olomouc 11:1 (4:1)

Goals: 1. Dosa, 1. Everton, 6. P. Drozd, 16. P. Drozd, 22. Drozd, 27. Dosa, 30. D. Drozd, 33. Everton, 37. D. Drozd, 39. Capinha, 40. Everton – 20. Kočis. Referee: Bacon, Rygl – Soukupová. ŽK: Tilkeridis, M. Janečka (both OLO).

Chrudim: Dudu (Javorski) – Everton, Mareš, Koudelka, P. Drozd, D. Drozd, Doša, Šejvl, Torres, Balog, Radovanović, Capinha. Coach: Felipe Conde.

Olomouc: R. Janečka – Kmínek, Lapčík, Kočiš, Brázdil, M. Janečka, Šafránek, Tilkeridis. Coach: Martin Janečka.

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