People from shops in villages are not saved, they are liquidated

People from shops in villages are not saved, they are liquidated
People from shops in villages are not saved, they are liquidated

Small traders in general do not know that the subsidy is saved. Most of the energy prices are liquidated.

I heard about this program from the mayor today, I’ll look into it, but I don’t know if it’s too late, said Ren Bednarz, who has been running the Bea grocery store in the Beskydy village of Eka in Frdecko-Msteck for nineteen years.

Two days ago, he consumed the energy of the last two months, and he considers the amount of 72 thousand crowns to be liquidated. If I’m going to pay that much interest, I won’t go out of business. And that’s when I saw my necessary freezer and refrigerator during the holidays and tried to turn off the lights, which would at least spare him a little. I realize that it won’t even be worth it. In a while, the tourist season, which is the only profitable part of the year, will be over, and then it will be over. Locals prefer to shop in the streets down in the city, here you only go to the mountains for the bare essentials, describes a current business owner.

It’s no different in Sobovice near the Ermanick reservoir. I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t have groceries here, but I won’t admit that I often go to Ostrava on my way to work for a big purchase. But when we need something small at home, half of the children are on their bikes and within twenty minutes they are back with the shopping, said Jan Vondrk, an old resident of Sobovice.

One shop and 130 thousand crowns

And they are again tourists and lyai who shop all year round in the Beskydy village of Bl. I will not talk about the data subsidy. Should I use it or not? And if not, then I will close it here, I will drill the premises of the village and it will be done, decided the businesswoman, who did not want to publish her name.

Zdeka Jozkov, who ran a grocery and grocery store in Armenia in Silesia, Opava region, does not use state aid. I have nothing to do with the subsidy, for non-businesses, she stated.

Ensuring functioning and accessible rural services is probably a big problem. People in villages that don’t have an inn or shop have nowhere to meet. Don’t mess with the municipality. The options to go shopping or to sweat it out are simple. That’s why we joined this program and offered subsidies to small shops in the region, said Deputy Governor Jan Krkoka.

This year, too, the subsidy is distributed by the owners of stores offering solid food in municipalities to the population. They fall within 1,000 inhabitants, their local streets have 1,000 inhabitants. One store will cost me 130,000 crowns, which is 30,000 more than last year, said Miroslava Chlebounov, the spokeswoman for the region, adding that this is due to the development of energy prices. In view of their growth, the Ministry raised funds from 39 to 52 million crowns.

Subsidy mainly for salaries and rents

Specifically, in the region, we have three million Czech crowns for businesswomen, Krkoka specified.

Last year, 56 entrepreneurs applied for subsidies, 42 stores received support in the amount of 3.6 million crowns. Less than 600,000 crowns, which exceeded the subsidy provided by the city, was paid by the region from its own resources, Krkoka noted.

This year, all business entities, i.e. small entrepreneurs and municipalities, can apply for a subsidy if they operate shops in the region. Merchants are no exception, if they have shops in small villages.

The money can be used for employee salaries, store maintenance, or for the maintenance of small non-investment property. They can also pay for energy, including telecommunication services, Miroslava Chlebounov listed the options for withdrawing the pension from the subsidy.

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